The Thinker thinks “about” things. The Thinker thinks he thinks. This is his error. Error is the significance of the Book of the Thinker.

Bright Lucifer fell, and mind, at its highest, was submerged in the speech world, the world of naming. Lucifer erred by believing he was separated from the Self. The thinking brain is the divider of One Being. Logic is the means used by the Thinker and logic is a subtle trap. That which is named becomes a spell enslaving the namer. Truth is more often obscured by naming than revealed by it. Named forms and abstractions became humanity’s stern commanders superseding the Mother’s creation.

The error on the part of man is in thinking that he must love any creator outside of himself – as an external objectification. It can’t be done. Man cannot love One. Nor does One love the creation. That is, One does not love in the sense of loving an object apart from itself. Adam and Eve, for instance, are not objects; they are the acts of – the expressing of – One loving One. They are not the results of acts or the results of expressions, but the actual act, the actual expression, of One loving One. Not One loving One sometime in the past, but a continuing act of Self-loving.

When man understands what man is, man will not try to love One as something apart from man. Man will not love man either. Man will simply BE … be the expressing One. The “truth” the Thinker attempts to unravel is so simple that its complexities are staggering. While travelling the “Being Road” complexities can be performed which would shock the Thinker out of his tree.

The Thinker takes the seeming for the real. He squats immobilized, caught by his belief that he created that which is in manifestation. Hence, a chain is wound about his head tugged at one end by man and woman, and weighted down at the other by a bleeding heart – his own heart which he has named and projected. The man and woman bind his thoughts to thoughts about duality, passion and sensuality. The bleeding heart weights these thoughts by thoughts about compassion. The Thinker is not passionate nor is he compassionate. He is held by these two keys, either of which, if he didn’t sit and think about them, would open the door to understanding.

The old Tarot trump which this Book replaces was named Satan, or the Devil. Actually the thinking brain is that which gets man into the state termed hell. It is what binds man. Hence formerly the man and woman were chained to Satan’s goat feet or to the throne on which he sat. The Satan card was read as sex. But sex is not the cause of man’s dilemma. It is a man’s thinking about sex that enslaves him.

The Thinker is still surrounded by the flames of hell, their light reddening his body. The rings of the planet Saturn (matter and crystallization) form a triple whirling crown above his head. Unlike the Doer, he is caught up in his own karma. And below him, on the trunk of his tree-throne, winds the golden serpent of wisdom, its head pointed at the bleeding heart, the fruit that was divided. The tempter, however, is no longer cast to the ground. It is indicating the key which will open the door in the right direction – inward.

The Thinker’s error is that he does not act instantaneously. This is why his eyes are blank. He does not respond at once to the action of his heart and he is confused.

No forces of evil or destruction are implied in the Book of the Thinker, only Error. The abstraction, Evil, is a seeming; it does not truly exist. Whatever the appearance, it is the Self brought for Self-furtherance. Whatever form the manifestation takes, it is the Self in motion. Bind it not through thinking.