How YOU Can Help

How YOU Can Help

We warmly welcome constructive suggestions, practical advice, and your support in getting the WORD out about the New Tarot. Contact Us Here.

Help Make Visible What the World Ignores…

In a world in which we struggle to survive and make our voices heard, we should always remember the eternal never-changing spiritual truth – ultimately, in this world, all is illusion.

Millions pursue dreams of material success & happiness, others strive to make their mark, but so very few seek the truth of existence, a spiritual awareness, that keeps alive the link to the Light that Lights the Hearts of all Seekers.

Like beads on a cosmic string stretching across innumerable lifetimes, dedicated volunteers carry forward and keep alive spiritually rich wisdom and core knowledge such as that offered by the New Tarot. It is almost inconceivable to the average human mind the difficulties in delivering, preserving, and nurturing these special gifts, amidst the darkness, suffering and illusions of this world.

Are you called to this sacred mission? Are you qualified to be a part of this mission? What are the requirements for someone wishing to study Tarot?

In Truth, nothing in the world of humanity can measure or determine who is qualified or not qualified to pursue spiritual enlightenment and the wisdom of Tarot. This is the way it has always been – from the very beginnings of human consciousness on this plane of Being. What will BE, will BE, and it is up to YOU to find your role and your true SELF. 

Now is the time to clean up your act. 
Now is the time to get serious.
Work done now will bear much fruit.
Seek clarity and hone your will and discernment.
The greater struggle is within, not without. 
– Lucas Mercury