The Progressed Tarot — Teaching of ONE

The Progressed Tarot — Teaching of ONE

Behind the mask of the progressed Tarot lies a teaching – the teaching of ONE. This teaching is precise and simple, and has a character consistently its own. It is unmistakably original and bears the imprint of authenticity. “’Tis a statement – not a restatement.”
– John Starr Cooke, The Word of One

The progressed Tarot, also known as the New Tarot for the Aquarian Age or the Book of T, is the progressed or reversed form of the conventional medieval Tarot. The Book of T points the way of return to the original state of Being, and together they tell the story of ONE: 

he is the Nameless One >

< The Fool knew not his name;

as the Changer >

< The Magician knows Motion

and is now The Mother >

< The Priestess, receptive, has birthed

as The Feeler >

< The Empress, regal, is now bare beneath the stars

is now seen performing as The Actor >

< The Emperor, authority,

now thunders forth the Word as The Speaker  >

< The Hierophant, silently offering the key,

form a perfect circle of Unity  >

< The Lovers, Edenic, after the Fall

and its driver is The Victorious One  >

< The Chariot, instrument of war, now lays idle

is now shown in the Fire of Love, which is The Deliverer  >

< Strength, woman over lion,

is now naked and blind to the light on the mountain, of which he is The Seeker  >

< The Hermit, hidden,

is now the inner world chakras of the Royal Maze  >

< The Wheel of Fortune of the outer world

is given by The Donor  >

< Justice

weeping, is now The Hanging Man  >

< The Hanged Man,

now stands within a crown as the Renewer  >

< Death

now correctly channels their flow as The Reverser  >

< Temperance, mixing fire and water,

is now the error of
The Thinker  >

< The Devil, sensation without understanding,

has been rebuilt as
the Citadel  >

< The Tower, showing the ruin in Man’s psyche,

now pours down light as the Way-Shower  >

< The Star

the path to which is clear to the child Reacter  >

< The Moon, reflected light of subconsciousness,

now seen in the Book of
The Doer  >

< The Sun, subconsciousness and self-expression,

and One is now The Knower  >

< Judgement has occurred

green garland now blooming, is The Virgin  >

< The World,

The full deck of the New Tarot also includes new symbols for the four suits. These symbols are laid out in the Book of the Changer (examples below): 

Cups/Hearts are now Pears 

Pear Knight
5 of Pears

Wands/Clubs are now Two-Headed Serpents

Serpent Page
1 of Serpents

Swords/Spades are now Curved Blades

Blade King
10 of Blades

Disks/Diamonds are now Stones

Stone Queen
8 of Stones