Karmic Copyright / Free Use

Karmic Copyright /
Free Use

All text on Royal Maze, Tarot cards (Books) images, original ideas & concepts, are offered freely to any person pursuing spiritual growth, knowledge & wisdom. You can repost Tarot images and texts on digital platforms (including websites and social media) as long as credit is given to Royal Maze and preferably a link to our website. 

Please note all content on Royal Maze is copyright and subject to legal protection under appropriate legal frameworks. We forbid commercial reproduction of images and text.

We welcome your contact to request permission to reprint original content exclusive to Royal Maze.

The authorized and recognized coordinators of Royal Maze assert their moral right of authorship and as preservers of the original content on this website including Tarot card imagery (the Word of ONE Tarot also known as the New Tarot for the Aquarian Age) as well as its texts. Royal Maze asserts its moral right to preserve the integrity of the images and texts.

International copyright conventions and so-called “intellectual property rights” exist to assert ownership of creative works and preserve their integrity – to stop them from being used without permission, altered, plagiarised, or exploited commercially or used in any way against the wishes of the creators.

Royal Maze is open to collaborations that assist the spread of its message. 

Royal Maze repels invitations to monetize our content using apps, digital tools & other such schemes. Don’t contact Royal Maze if your motive is only financial gain or ego gratification and glorification. 

The perspective on Karma offered here is summed up by the popular saying, what goes around comes around.

Ask yourself: what guides you to read these words or visit this website? All actions have consequences, so it’s always best to tread carefully to avoid the pitfalls (potholes) on the road of self-discovery.

If deep down, you know you’re guided by material/financial gain, then it’s truly wise to pause, take a moment to reflect, and seriously consider YOUR DESTINY. Yes, YOU – where you’re heading in this life. BEWARE: it doesn’t matter how you justify yourself, you can’t escape DESTINY and DHARMA. You can do it the hard way… or the easy way. And what better way to find your way than to consult the WORD of ONE Tarot… SELF helps self.

A word of advice: before you go down this road, be sure your heart is in the right place, your intuition and feeling are positively afire, and your material financial survival extinct is not your prime mover.

The Laws of Karma are inviolable on all such matters. Stealing only gets you short term gain. And a step backward is a long one on the road of self-discovery.