Acknowledgments / About Royal Maze

Acknowledgments /
About Royal Maze

The Royal Maze website is dedicated to the legacy of John Starr Cooke (& his collaborators), and the preservation, production, and promotion of the Word of ONE Tarot. It was developed to aid those who seek their path to T-Ruth. You are welcome to join us at our table.

Texts on this current rendition of the Royal Maze website (where not marked by an author’s name) are composed by Lucas Mercury. 

Thanks & acknowledgement to Bobby Bishop, Mark Walker, R.W. Bruch, Chamba & Amy Cooke, Shemaiah Barton, and ALL who contributed in various ways to furthering this sacred mission and the establishment of the New Tarot.

Just as the Cosmic Spider spins the Web of Destiny, a thread exists linking diverse people from different backgrounds and periods, all helping to weave new patterns in humanity’s matrix of Being.