In the past Tarot decks, the Star shone remotely in the heavens to lead men onwards. Its meaning was hope. A Pandora-like maiden centered the trump, the star in the sky above her head. She knelt pouring water from a vessel onto the earth or into a river – indicating that she was conveying and transmuting the message of the star to men. She personified nature and, since a star betokens the miraculous, she represented a wise-woman or young witch.

The Way-Shower announces a break-through. This Book no longer signifies “hope” nor occult speculation. True vision is its essential message now – Singleness-of-Purpose, to enlighten by letting the flow of blessings rain down. All things below the gaze of the Ancient One are illumined by the light pouring from his eyes. The One Being, the Ancient of Days or the One beyond the One is now seen in the Star, and his eyes send double search- light beams to the world of men. The Ancient One is directly participating, guiding mankind into a new realization and dimension. Like Moses or a Master Mason, he opens the way to a promised land – the Completed Man that is to flower in the many during this coming cycle.

A cock crows, announcing the arrival of the Way-Shower. The first cocks crow ahead of dawn when Venus lights the horizon. And Venus, the planet of harmony and love, is inseparable from the Star. It is night. The sun has not yet appeared. The city sleeps. Yet the feeling of the Book is one of immanent awakening. Even the Scotch thistles in the foreground seem to dance with the new vision that stirs them.

The Way-Shower is the most Masonic of the Books in symbol. The letter G is represented here. The Victorious One’s letter C opened the circle. G states that the Center of the Self has been found and from that center, like an arrow, Singleness-of-Purpose shoots forth. In Masonry, G is the jewel of jewels. Their Masters know the power of the Ancient of Days, the Great Architect. All Masonic ritual is aimed at the gradual and safe opening of the candidate to the point of Self-realization and culminates in the Scottish rite in the 33rd degree. Real masonry is a highly generative operation. From the facing of death to the Lion’s Grip it teaches Singleness-of-Purpose.

The Way-Shower Book is a golden book – at once a promise, a fulfillment of a hope, and the statement of a break-through in consciousness. All its symbols gush and flow downwards. A golden cup pours down multi-colored fluids. A golden waterfall descends across the Book. A rainbow betokens falling rain and is in itself a promise – a reminder of God’s covenant with man. An ever-moving duality of light, moving with a single purpose, showers from the Way-Shower’s eyes, bathing the city of man. That which is above pours down, golden, upon that which is below. The way is showering; and the way is being shown.

When One is realized by a man, that man himself becomes the Way-Shower.

The first six Books form a six-pointed star surrounding the Way-Shower. This is the star on the breast of the Mother. The Ancient One is the son she was busy creating.

Now the eyes of the Star are directed towards the earth, flooding it with light.

Soon the sleeping city will awake. It will hear the heralding of the cock.