The Word of One

Editor’s Preface to the Word of One

Behind the mask of the progressed Tarot lies a teaching – the teaching of ONE. This teaching is precise and simple, and has a character consistently its own. It is unmistakably original and bears the imprint of authenticity. “’Tis a statement – not a re-statement.”

While the 22 new Major Tarot Books or Greater Trumps embody this new teaching through the language of symbol, they also serve to disguise or even fragment it so long as the actual dictations which are their source remain hidden and unknown. Consequently, we present the verbatim writings received via ouija board by the participating group in Carmel, California between 1962-63 (later continued in Mexico in 1965-66) in edited form so that the mask may be lifted and the unfragmentable Stone be delivered whole.

The word Stone symbolises ONE or the SELF, and it is also ALL. “Each one has and is a stone.” Therefore, in stressing this word at the beginning we seek to point out that ONE is not made up of 22 Books or 22 faces but that 22 equals ONE.

“Each Book is complete in itself; but together they make a Book.” “The Tarot is the Story of ONE.”

The message is given in clear, exact and often beautiful language, but as the reader will note, it was not given consecutively nor all at once and was frequently presented in the form of mysteries, hints and clues which could only later be seen through and knitted into a whole. Essentially the teaching is the doctrine of ONE being synonymous with WE, YOU and the SELF.

“Contrary to popular belief, ONE is not an abstraction.”

To enter the maze of concepts contained in these notes is like going on a treasure hunt. It is for each reader to find his own clues. But it may help to remember that “Behind you is YOU.” Also that the communicant of the board, which identified itself only as “WE,” replied to the question, “How many are WE?” with the answer “ONE.” It also wrote, “WE speak now as YOU.” And, “If WE say now, WE are WE, and now, WE are YOU, it is a seeming.”

Repeatedly stressed was the concept that YOU are your own Savior. “If ye seek for a prophet, ye seek in vain, for there is none…only YOU can save you.” But it was also said, “The SELF you are and must be fully known – ere God is known.”

The ONE doctrine commenced August 17, 1962. The dictation was unexpected and unplanned. None of the few assembled had any idea that the seemingly accidental use of a ouija board would lead to the revelation of the new Tarot, much less to a twentieth century renewal of the hunt for the Holy Grail – “the quest of the filling cup.”

The Grail legend is often reflected in these Tarot notes and Books; it comes and goes like a leitmotif.

According to a handed-down myth, the Grail was once a great emerald that fell from the crown of Lucifer during the war in heaven; another proclaims it as “the dead King’s tomb which, when opened, reveals the living Child”; while in the more familiar versions it is the Cup which contained the blood of Jesus Christ. And the table upon which the Grail stood was, perhaps, not unlike a ouija board for “it had properties that permitted communications between Angels and Man.” So the Grail existed in five forms –and five very different cups are seen in the new Books of Tarot.

(The Virgin – a cup of light; the Way-Shower – a cup of fluids; the Royal Maze – a cup of wine; the Deliverer- a cup of fire; and the Renewer – an empty cup atop a well.)

“Five fingers do a hand make.”

Throughout the teachings, the number five is repeatedly stressed. Was it a coincidence that the five members of the original group had met, for many months prior to the use of the Ouija board, in meditation and performed parapsychological experiments and exercises? Much of these writings appear to be a tapping into this initial group’s collective unconscious. And, it must be stated, each in his own way was allured by ancient Egypt and occultism. Yet not one of the five was outwardly prepared for the essential teaching of ONE.

The editing of the given writings has been minimal. They have been altered in no way except to remove the superfluous. During the course of many sessions spanning three years innumerable questions were asked that had no direct bearing on the doctrine and therefore have been deleted. Never were personal questions answered “personally,” however; they were, rather, turned back onto the subject of the search and invariably used as further way-pointers. Some few have been retained to show the method utilized by the WE of the alphabet board.

The intuitive reader will thread his way through the notes in the sequence in which they were dictated and easily find the consistent, thematic threads. He need not become overly diverted by lions, birds, Egyptian gods, pyramids, stars, moons, blue demons, etc. Their meaning is to be sought but not to become enmeshed in. These symbols were often related to the group who, in the beginning, were seeking more an identification with a legend or allegory than with the ONE – “The Cup whose contents, virgin and unchanging, differs for every man.”

For those interested in details – the sessions took place in J.C.’s studio home perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Carmel Highlands. He and Rhom were the two “receivers” who sat at the board, their fingers lightly resting on a silver dollar planchette, throughout the many lengthy sessions. As was stated in the opening sessions, “Rhom is the person being channelled through,” however.

Be it noted, this was a group endeavour. And the group expanded in number rapidly after the first few months, seemingly attracted by and for the force of ONE. “The table is portable – feed the multitudes” was an instruction that became a reality.

For there was ever, during these sessions, a feeling of a PRESENCE – a Presence beyond personality which could only be named the ONE. It was this intangible PRESENCE that actually inspired the initial group to continue taking down the message as well as attracting many, many seekers from distant places.

Without further preamble, the writings are presented. May they speak for themselves.

John Cooke and Rosalind Sharpe

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