The New Tarot — Reactor

The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age


The Moon becomes The Reacter
The significance of The Reacter: Not the Actor

1 is active. 3 are ready. 5 have made it. Ring of memory. It is a circle both free and binding. It is never worn yet is ever present. Its burden is great. It is with you as an aid. None truly knows the ring. Its mystic nature is not known of the mind.

This is a night of much meaning. The waves have shored goodly drifts. You are immersed in this bounty and you know it. Cast not adrift the tide’s worth….it may shore on foreign soil if you do.

The gentle one has stirred. A roar awakens the gentle one. Milk and honey are fed the gentle one. All things are connected.

Q: Can we have the next Book tabled tonight?
A: Yes. Picture a gate and another behind it till there are seven. Each has two half-doors lengthwise. On alternating gates, the half which opens forward is white and the half opening rearwards is black. Each gate has a black and white door. The frames are arched.
A straight roadway leads through the seven gates.
The road goes up and over a mountain. A babe stands in front holding two keys, one in each hand. Picture a full Moon containing two quarter Moons, facing each other. The latches are triangles. The forward door has a cut in it that is half a triangle. The rearward door holds a full triangle or lock. The doors are not fully opened, but nearly so.
Color the arches as red.
The Babe is male, unadorned.
This is the Reacter.
Q: The Reacter in what sense? What is his significance?
A: Not the Actor.
Q: Is there a reason for the given sequence of these Books?
A: There is orderliness in all things.
The Reacter

The Seeker sensed his way up a serpentine path to reach the goal—the fire. Consuming his fill of the heart’s flame in the cup of the Deliverer, the ancient man became young once more. But now, in order to be born anew, he had to face what he had long considered Death. And, having confronted the preferred skull and seen through the seeming, he could descend from the mountain top.

The path down the mountain is straight as a lance. The revelation by which he was delivered brings again a startling change to the Seeker. He finds himself a babe—the reborn Self—the Reacter, and all doors open to the keys he holds. One key opens the doors inward; the other key opens the doors outward. Yet t he keys are exact duplicates; he can now pass inwards and outwards at will. Since there is no difference he doesn’t bother to understand why or how they open Innocently, he simply knows them to open. He reacts.

The Reacter is not the Actor. These words are the only significance according to the Book of the Reacter.

The Actor performs acts. The acts the Mind performs hypnotize the Mind further. They englamour and cast shadows across his sham stage. The Reacter is the awakened Self. He is as a new-born babe. He performs nothing. Reacting, he simply is. He follows his new-born feelings spontaneously. He is one with the flow of the Moon, whose light streams down the path behind him, and with the sun in front of him toward which he walks. He fights not, he worries not. He is not concerned with being either for anything or against anything. He steps into a new kingdom of Being lightly. The Hindus would say he had unwound the Skandhas by opening the doors, black and white, of the chain of reaction.

The arched doors are seven in number. They are black and white doors alternately. They are paired dualities, paired opposites. They represent not only the seven chakras symbolized by the Citadel and the seven circles in the Royal Maze, but also the seven planes or levels of metaphysical existence. They are related to the seven rays of sun coming from behind the cloud in the Renewer Book. The lock on each door is a gold triangle. The Reacter has unlocked the doors of all realms and can come and go at will.

This Book was previously titled the Moon. The Moon was pictured prominently and dripped blood. A dog and a wolf howled on either side of the card before two high walls or two towers. A lobster-like sea creature at its base sought the Moon’s liquid with tenacious feeler. The trump expressed a sense of terror and psychological despair. The Moon is still the influence shown in the Book of the Reacter, for after all the reaction is of the Moon; but the Reacter is not howling as a dog or wolf nor reaching out hungrily. He toddles down the Moon’s path, triumphantly waving the keys in his fists.

Having unlocked all the gates between himself and the Feeler standing at the entrance of the Royal Maze, he is free and reacts spontaneously to the Mother. He is as a Sun unto himself. He is not conscious that he shines, however.

What are the Reacter’s keys that he brandishes? Their secret was contained in the Book of the Thinker—Error. The Thinker had two chains locked to his head. He was tugged at by the chain of passion on the one hand and weighted down by the chain of compassion on the other. The Reacter’s two keys of gold can now unlock the Thinker’s agonizing duality. The heart was a key; passion another, but the Thinker could not unlock them. The keys are duplicate keys. But they are the same key: One. The Deliverer’s fire has burned away the mirage of personal love, whether carnal or spiritual. Both were One.

This baby is not the Mind, not the Actor. He experiences that which happens when one is entirely free of the Mind’s glamour. The Mind desires, and, through desire, hypnotizes the Self by artifice into believing its seeming projections are real. The Mind is that which makes pictures and then believes those pictures to be reality. When the Mind ceases projecting and performing “acts”, the act changes. All artifice has to meet its death to be renewed.

The Reacter, rejoicing and triumphant, advances forward. Be it noted that this Book, and the four which follow, are of a different nature than those foregoing. For they have “arrived”. And the keys which the baby holds in his two hands as he steps forward are not solely to open the gates behind him but the gates before him. They are “the keys of the Kingdom”.
The significance of The Reacter: Not the Actor

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