The New Tarot — Mother

The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age


The High Priestess becomes The Mother
Significance of The Mother: Creator

Purity of purpose must accompany all Tarot readings for continued progression. A step backward is a long one, a step forward is a mighty one hard fought.

Throw a card on the table and we will see what gives.
Q: What of the High Priestess?
A: Good one.
Q: What is her present name?
A: Mother.
Q: What is her significance?
A: Creator.
Q: How should this be understood?
A: Depends on factor of the moment. Creator is ever continuing and changing.
Q: Sophia?
A: More. Mother Creator is not a role but a duty. … position is assumed by others. It is difficult to separate Tarot and reality in words. We cannot in this case without floundering. You understand this care.Soul aspect—wrong word again. You do understand thought right?

Q: In the card you describe, what does the Mother carry?
A: She carries a spark or star.
Q: Where?
A: Heart area.
Q: What other symbols are on the card? Hight Priestess’ pillars
A: She strides them.
Q: What other symbols are there?
A: In right hand, a thunder bolt; left, a flower. Her robes are spread by birds, two birds.
Q: What kind of birds?
A: Mighty ones.
Q: Is she crowned?
A: Two serpents. Robes are black. Element on card is water. Above.
Q: Like the symbol for Aquarius?
A: Almost. Waves almost.
Q: Does she represent the fish?
A: More.
Q: Does the moon figure in this card?
A: Yes, serpents’ shape.
Q: What color are the birds?
A: Coloring is not important except when indicated from time to time.
Q: Have you any more to tell us about her?
A: Her eyes are closed.
Q: Anything else?
A: Recovery of the lost treasure is made easier when the heart is golden. The course is through the golden heart in all instances.
The Mother

From very early times in all parts of the world, the innermost sanctuary harbored the Mother—the Great Cow whose milk nourished mankind. In temples the humble stable’s door became represented by two pillars over which was placed horns or two serpents fashioned to form a crescent Moon. For the Mother was considered the source of life and her portal, the gate of horn, the entrance between worlds.

In later times this inmost sanctum sheltered the current prophetess or High Priestess of the Tarot. Seldom was she seen. Often her door was curtained or veiled and, since man is entranced by the unknown, her power was perpetuated by mystery. Even when she was seen, the High Priestess was swathed and her voice spoke through a barrier, be it of woven fabric or smoke.
The High Priestess was the voice of the deep. Her realm was the ocean and she was the medium who answered a man’s questions by plunging into its mysterious depths. The trump of the High Priestess is now the Book of the Mother.

There is little mystery left in this Book. The Mother is astride the pillars behind which she formerly dwelt; she has discarded her veils; and two great water birds pull her robes apart to reveal her naked, pregnant body. Above the Mother’s head is a symbol for the sea. Her nature is that of the sea and some call here Maria. In her breast she nurtures the pivot of the universe, the North Star, Stella Polaris.

The Nameless One, the Hanging Man and the Mother make up a trinity, the world of emanations. The Nameless One represents the uncontaminated One Self. He is that which is born of the Mother. Yet, without the constant redemption performed by the Hanging Man in his seemingly passive role, there could not be the dynamic action of the creative or positive principle performed by the Mother. The Nameless One stands alone. He is the first which is last and the last which is first: The Resolver. Untrapped by any paraphernalia, he alone strides on victorious. At the same time, however, even though he knows he is his own father and mother, the Nameless One projects the Mother and the Hanging Man as his archetypal parents.

The Mother conceives the Nameless One and carries the Virgin in her breast. And should she look into a hypothetical mirror, she would see the Hanging Man staring back at her. She is the pure Sophia and more. She, too, is unnamable.

She is the Mother.
Significance of The Mother: Creator

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