The New Tarot — Knower

The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age


Judgment becomes The Knower
The significance of the Knower: The Self

In that day shall blend the elements. They shall be expressed in a new expression. He who knows shall be the expresser. Ye shall know that day and that One. Now it is a day without number. In that day, they shall be numberless.

Q: What do you mean by elements? Earth, water, air, fire?
A: You have said it. An event has produced a number of events which shall produce the Event.
Q: What is the Event?
A: The Event of Knowing. That which is known is One. You are the answer to that One.

We shall proceed to the Book in hand:
Picture a forward-standing man. He stands in two shallow pools. They are circles. Looking at the pools, the left is water, the right is fire: He is entered to his ankles.

The pools are connected by a narrow channel. Water proceeds rightward through the channel, fire proceeds leftward. At their meeting, steam rises to his vital—but not beyond his hips.

His right hand centers his breasts. He holds an egg upright. Through its top protrudes one root which two green leaves reaching to under his chin. His other hand is extended forward, raised in benediction.

Above him, a golden Sun sends a shaft to his head and a shaft upward. A golden wing is affixed to either side of the Sun. Thus the cross is centered and winged.

He is the Knower. The Knower functions as the Self. Picture him as Self.
The Knower

Once reversal has taken place, there is no judgment anywhere. There is nothing left to judge. All is known as it is, the ever-changing motion of One, springing from One, designed by One.

The Book of the Knower is the final statement of the new progressed Tarot. It says: “I am One. I am the Self. I am that which You are. I am the Goal. I know and I know that I know”. The Knower functions as the Self.

A black man stands in two circular pools forming the infinity symbol. One circle contains fire, the other water. At the point of fusion, where these circles meet, steam rises to warm him. Water and fire joined by the channeling flow of the Reverser. They are now the ground upon which the knowing Self is grounded.

The Knower is the goal of the Nameless One. He is the final pictured Book in the scroll that the scroll that the Nameless One unrolls. Arriving at this ultimate, the youth can undo the shut scroll in his right hand and read on, performing the Knower’s function. But he may find that the other scroll has no writing on it nor pictures. The time for reading may be over. Knowing alone may exist.

The Knower is the Self, manifesting the Word.

In the older Tarot, this card was Judgment. A winged angel in the heavens trumpeted the message that the end of the world had come and the dead rose from their graves. The winged sun above the Knower’s head performs the same action. The earth is no more what it had seemed to be for the Knower. He is in a completely new and total state of consciousness. The sun beams a ray to the top of the man’s head and another goes up and off the Book. The Knower is centered in this cross of Self. He is the Sun.

The Judgment Day has come and gone. The sheep and goats have been separated, the wheat from the chaff. Those who could not receive did not. Those who were not ready were not. Those who did not ask did not receive. Those who had eyes and did not see and ears did not hear have been left behind. They exist, but exist not as those who have been able to follow the Royal Way of the Tarot, the path of the Nameless One, and arrived at the Self to stand in water and fire.

The Knower holds an egg to his heart and the egg sprouts a root with two leaves. The fruit of this plant is the winged and shafted Sun above his head. The Knower shall plant this egg in the earth and a new Kingdom shall be grounded on earth.

With the other hand, the Knower makes a gesture of benediction. He holds up his first three fingers to the viewer. This states the trinity of body, heart and mind are One. The walls of seperative ego—or that which blocks the Self from knowing—no longer exist.

The man is black. The Knower is he who held a mask to his face and performed egoic acts, hypnotizing himself into a world of projections and seemings. He knows now that all this was play, a game he played to amuse himself—or through which he learned to distinguish real from false. There is no treasure to seek, no play to act nor even a book to be read. One alone is.

The sword of the Donor cut through all illusion with absolute Truth.

The Book of T is not a prediction in the usual or mundane sense. Rather it is a statement. The unity of symbols resulting in Self-knowing is a way of reactivating what always is—always has been. The way is the way. No stern commander nor outward projected God ever existed. Yet God is not dead. Only the false god, the outward mask, is seen as not to exist. God is who and what You are.

The light that seemed hidden has always been manifest. The light IS. Yet the Book of T is not a restatement. It is a statement.

The break-through proclaimed by the Way-Shower does not proclaim a new way—but rather indicates the break-through of the way in our time and in the time to come.

In this sense, it is a promise, a presaging, and speaks of the coming uniting of principles.

This promise has, however, always existed.
The Knower has always spoken.
But now he is closer.

He speaks within you, here and now.
Will you listen?
The significance of the Knower: The Self

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