The New Tarot — Doer

The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age


The Sun becomes The Doer

Significance of The Doer: Right Activity

The foretelling time.

The pages from the rear are in the fore. Sun-worshippers have taken their place. The ray of love is seldom perceived and often misunderstood as having flesh. The daybreak of the new morn is founded on the proper perception of the ray of love. Babes know it not—neither man nor woman. The mystic alone knows the reality of this ray.

The breath of life is in your hands, the spark of death, also. Quicken the new birth and fan the spark that the passing past is laid at rest. Desire above all things the Sun.

Q: Will you give us the Sun Book tonight?
A: This evening, yes. Is there no question?
Q: Something comes first. What of LSD?
A: We cannot talk about LSD, but We can say this about you: you are always the same Self. Sometimes you see yourself more clearly. You need not worry about methods that allow you to see yourself more clearly, without dark glasses.
Is there no other question? Very well.

The book is open. The book is held by the child. The child holds the open book in the center of the Book. He is seven years old, fair, clear. He reads not book. He shows it to be read. Symbol on the page are indistinct due to size. This is purposely—each reader of the book sees his needed sign.
Two tassels hang from the book. Held in the center of the book, they are markers. One holds the book open. The other is in the section not yet read.

Child is he. Not seated, standing. He wears nothing. He holds the reins—not reins really but a tie—to the horse on the right of the Book. Black, meek horse, four feet on ground, facing child.
Horse on left faces child. Two feet upraised high. White horse, rearing horse. No tie. Stands with two feet on skull—human.
Full manes and flowing tails. Horses are in middle ground, child front—not separated tho. Tie to black horse on foot.

Bright Sun above in center. Sun has character, rays too.
Vistas almost endless. They stand midst flowers, symbols of beauty here. All kinds of colors.

He is the Doer. Represents Right Activity.
Letter will be visible to the wise ones only.
The Doer

The Doer means Right Activity.

Man thrives on secrets. His unconscious is built on hiding. Seldom does he dare expose himself as an open book for fear of what another might see. Rarely does he open the door to himself and permit others to read what they will. Man is concerned usually with appearances—what the other person might think—and, hence he dances on masqueraded.

There is only one Right Activity, one thing to do: to be as you are. To be, be it openly, and let the sun shine. This is the message of the Book of the Doer.

The Doer Book is centralized by a seven year old child. This is that time when a youth begins to knowingly read. But, instead of reading—instead of taking in and acting out other peoples’ verbiage—the Doer guilelessly holds forth a book for each to read. This book is the Book of Books held in his hands, the Book of T—or Truth. Its writings are purposefully illegible, for each will find in it his own symbols, and, thereby, be that more conscious.

Above the head of the Doer is a blazing sun, in symbol the zenith of what is called the conscious. Around him grow open flowers. The sun, too, resembles an open flower and it contains an eye. This eye is the “I”—conscious being, that which exists eternally. I is the letter of the Doer.

To the right of the youth, standing upon a skull, a white horse paws the air. To his left, a docile black horse hovers, loosely held by a red rein. The white horse restates the conscious which vanquishes death. The black horse is tethered and in abeyance. When one is open the unconscious has little power to rule. The Doer “does” nothing. Since he has nothing to hide, he is like the sun. He shines.

Earlier, this Book was called the Sun. Often in the former trump, twin babes played before a brick wall with the sun shining overhead. The twins meant an innocent duality. Even though innocent, the barrier existed between their figures and the one light. There was no chink in the wall, let alone a gate. They were shielded from the Self.

Often, also, the Sun trump depicted a baby riding a white horse. He carried a banner marked with the red cross of St. George. This symbolizes the will in action.

The present Book is at once a simpler concept and a more sophisticated one. The lad does nothing other than hold open a book to the observer. Yet this alone means Right Activity: to be.

Openly being is doing. It is living in the ever-present Now. Because it is active, the conscious—the white horse—is dominant and triumphs over time; it tramples the skull of the past and paws the air of the future. The black horse—the passive unconscious—does not pull or struggle to be released from the ribbon the youth holds. It simply stands patiently awaiting further instruction.

Being is doing. Doing is being.

Behind the boy, green fields stretch endlessly. Open flowers signifying beauty surround him. There is no brick wall to barricade him from the Sun, the Self. The eye within the Sun is a play in symbol, the One—or I—within the One. The “eye of light”.

The child is re-born. He is his own father. He is the Sun. But he does not for a moment consider such a concept.

In the previous Book, the Way-Shower indicated that singleness of Purpose was the necessary route. The Star is now the Sun.

The Doer is engaged in Right Activity. Without any preconceived opinion or prejudice, he has nothing to hide. He is as open as his book.

“And a little child shall lead them”.
Significance of The Doer: Right Activity

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