The New Tarot — Changer

The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age


The Juggler Magician becomes The Changer

Its significance cannot be said

Hail to the conquering One!
A cover has settled o’er all. When the cold abates, when the heat warms, when the light shines, ‘tis time for uncovering. Lethargy o’ercomes him who remains covered beyond season. The changing One is to change and be changed. Stay not with his ministrations. Stay not progress of any nature. Flower with the word and it will carry you. Then—in that day—you will carry the word. At this point of time let none measure the progress, or time, or activity.

Q: Is there a missing element? A coming shepherd?
A: The missing element, so-called, is not a shepherd—its quality, however.

Q: Is there anything you would care to word tonight?
A: In the mouth of the lion is lodged the seed which must pass out and germinate. If his tail is tweaked, he will swallow it, alas. If he is beset by wolves, they will steal it. He may knowingly pass it to a planter. Its fruit can juice the world. Unplanted, the seed will be a husk, dry and heavy. The lion may beget cubs then, but no more.
Q: What is the seed? Would you be specific?
A: Our prodding’s will continue in this plain language till it is done and, when it is done, our plain language will be seen as that and We will be forgiven.

Q: May we have the next Book?
A: It is here. He is the Changer—the Juggler. He stands on a sphere. He extends his arms. His dress is brown and falls not below his knees. He is unshod. His toes grip the sphere. One shoulder is bared. The one on the right as viewed. An eagle is perched thereon. The eagle sits at rest and is hooded in white. A red jewel gathers his dress on left shoulder.

He is graceful and fair. One palm is up, one is down. His arms extend not up, but out and to the side. In the up-palm on left, is a white flower. Waters falls from the down one. No vessel tho. His dress falls freely. No girdle. On his breast is pictured a double axe. It is woven into his dress. The day is clear without sun.
Spread before the sphere on a cloth of gold are these things: a stone, a curved blade, a two-headed serpent, a pear. Nothing else.
The eagle has drawn blood from the shoulder. Three drops. Is this Book clear?
He is on a plateau and the blue sky dominates.

Significance cannot be said.
The Changer

The Changer’s significance “cannot be said”. Nobody can ever pin point the Changer in words. No one can name that which he personifies—for he is always changing and the meaning of what he expresses is of the moment alone, now. His acts are mercurial and, as the trickster, his nature and effects change in a flash. He is as unpredictable as a wind-song and only he who listens within can follow his melody.

The Changer balances upon a sphere. The meaning of this sphere cannot be stated either. It is the prime mystery. It is the essence of all that is, yet it is nowhere. It has no individuality nor does any portion of it differ. All that can be said is that it probably whirls when he dances. But it could be that it is motionless momentarily. His toes grip the sphere in this Book. The action of One is unstoppable, yet One can stop instantly.

The Changer states that a very big change occurs after a man has imbibed the Cup of Flame. A stupendous inner reversal takes place foreshadowing the Correct Channeling of Flows in the outer world represented by the Reverser. The Book of the Changer announces that with deliverance the Good Shepherd takes over. Hence, the Changer wears the simple brown smock of a shepherd.

Upon the Changer’s shoulder is perched a hooded eagle. This is the same eagle that winged its power above the Victorious One. Here it is hooded and, thereby, in the control of the Changer. It is not completely tamed, however, as stated by the three drops of blood on the shepherd’s shoulder. It is hooded to protect the sheep until that time he purposely lets it loose to strike the blow of final initiation. This takes place only when one among them, as the Seeker, must confront Death—the Renewer. Until that time, he bears its claws unflinchingly.

The ruby-red jewel that fastens his smock symbolizes that the Changer, though humble, is the noble Victorious One. And upon his modest garment is delicately stitched in blue the double axe. The two-bladed weapon is a reiteration of the highest initiation a man can attain. It is an ancient symbol for the thunder bolt of the Gods.

As the Mother brandished this thunder bolt and shot forth lightning in one hand, a flower in the other, the Changer holds a white flower in his right hand and looses rain, or blessings, from his left. The Mother creates; the Changer sustains and nourishes.

The carpet beneath the Changer’s globe is gold. The field upon which he works is of the highest spirit. For he is the Mighty Alchemist. Spread on this golden carpet are four objects: a stone, a curved blade, a two-headed serpent and a pear. These represent an alchemical operation and progression. The stone symbolizes oneself; the cutting instrument or blade the mind which divides; the two headed serpent the passion and compassion united in feeling; and the pear the re-uniting of that which is paired into a wholeness upon a new level of Being or consciousness— the Golden Fruit. These four symbols are also related to the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

In former trumps, the Changer was the Juggler-Magician, who literally juggled balls or spheres—the worlds—and, at the same time as spinning them on high, controlled them. The Sphere and his changes are simultaneously within and without. He remains balanced even when all forms are changing, dissolving and re-emerging in new shapes entirely.

Even inner processes, laws, principles and the entire structure of the universe can change and he will not lose his equilibrium. The bubble of manifestation could explode, yet he would remain centered. Nothing could unbalance him even though the One for whom the Changer stands were to change its purpose, or yield to whim or fancy.

Change is the only constant. It is the nature of the One.
Its significance cannot be said

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