The Honorable ONE

The Honorable ONE

Poetry by Ramanatha

War is fought, hypocrisy, greed and vanity,

Upholding the Bill of Rights, for all to see,

Sleighing the dragon of ego, you fought and won,

Glories to you, the Honorable ONE


Playing your tune of LOVE they came,

Rejecting the establishment, oh so lame,

To the call of the Oracle we all did run,

To you, the Honorable ONE.


The Human Be-In, such an ecstatic day!

With nothing to do, just be and play,

Empowered by LOVE, we became ONE

All because of you, the Honorable ONE.


The Summer of Love, now only a dream,

Today Summer of Rage, hateful and mean,

We’ve lost our innocence, integrity, and fun,

Where are you now, the Honorable ONE?


Oh captain of the ship, what shall we do?

Thieves and fools tossing us in heaps of goo,

The more we struggle, the harder it becomes,

We look to you, the Honorable ONE.


They follow Obama, like lemmings off a cliff,

Throwing good money after bad, what’s the diff’?

The bubble has popped, lost sight of the sun,

Now you emerge, the Honorable ONE.


In your light body, your presence still felt,

Hearts beat in tune with you, together we melt,

Looking forward to a new dawn, your work not done,

The truth of LOVE from, the Honorable ONE.

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