The Church of One

To Each One Concerned:

Are you still doing that? Are you still hooked on the concept that you are doing something to eradicate something else? better someone else? Elevate or alleviate? Are you, for instance, thinking you are in revolt from the situation as IT is? Or, by past habit patterns, determinedly attempting to repeat or revitalize past credits? Then, dear friend, you are in for a shock. You can do nothing. One is in motion and One has written one’s play. You know your script, so why waste time identifying or hanging on to what is taking place? Let IT be, Let Be, Let.

Fools wore masks and hats to attract attention. Masks and hats are magic creations, “Look at me, look at me”. But when they get bored and the audience no longer applauded, they exchanged them and found they didn’t fit. The fools tried crowns. Now this, thought the fools, really was something to do as they scampered around playing kings and queens. But no go! “for within this crown keeps death his court” and all that. Ah-ah-ah! What then? Egret feathers and bells? Infinite paraphernalia come to mind before the fools discovered it was best to be asked. Hence, fools today stand tall and naked and walk in the wind. They are on the march and nothing will halt them.

Can you be the fool? Can you recognize that nothing is what it seems because everything is as IT seems here and now? Fools do nothing but listen to the wind’s song and acknowledge the acts as they appear on stage. Fools sit in the balcony and are witnesses to the remarkable new production which is being played. They pretend to marvel at the One Magician’s miraculous tricks, but they know they are pretending and, hence, will not be ensnared or hoodwinked by His slight—of—hand into evermore subtle traps.

Each fool knows the entire script, dig? If you don’t know it, then dig deeper. IT is time.

Awake! Recognize your Self. Listen to the wind. The Avatar is here.


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