Session 99


October 3, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy and Tomas.

The day is not long nor short. It has sufficient measure for its happenings. Should there appear a time-pusher, or holder, know him not-for he is not in season. Ask.

Legion: Asks about a house he is thinking of moving to.

WE: It matters much where one dwells. The season should be considered when dwellings are considered. The dwelling should not a bower or a prison be. It matters not if the dwelling be dark to light-bringers, for they illumine always.

Sweet Timothy: There is a fork in the road ahead for me. Which to take?

WE: Yes, the road has never been chartered singly. There are forks, detours and circlings in each season. There is one direction only . . . forward. When a fork is presented, take the one which contains the sun longest. When a detour is presented, cross through the field and leave the road. When a circling is presented, know that it is not for you. The present problems you have presented for your grappling. The matter is whether to grapple and profit thereby, or not grapple until another season. If handled in another season, the harvest will differ from the true harvest time. May WE say this to Sweet Timothy: Stand naked. The hair-shirt you have donned was skin-touching formerly. It is now reversed and hurtful to others now. Stand naked and be kissed by the gentle winds issuing from the Mother’s song. May WE say this further: the grappling need not be. Like the corn, if your wraps were shed, the gold fruit would dim the solar disc. One should stand before ONE; ONE knows and is, thereby, naked.

Legion: Am I holding Sweet Timothy back from his course?

WE: This is never done. The influences that bear on one are Self-influenced. Therefore it is amiss to say one to another: this I do, or did-that you do, or did. The rain and sunshine are alike brought by one solely for fruition of one. At the start of the race there are some who leave the post before the shot . . . some leave not. The starter is not responsible for the separate startings. Responsibility is to be stricken from your book. It is now a foreign language to Tall Ones. All things are possible for a Tall One. The wise Tall One moves at a pace possible. He leaps over mountains only when able.

Sweet Timothy: What is the ego?

WE: There is only Self. Shoot not for the Moon. Encounter the heart instead; there is the Moon. Personality, ego and Self are one. The aim is what counts. It is not up and out; it is in and then out and possibly up. There is not a highest nor lowest; there is a center only. That center is without limit. It is All.

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