Session 98


September 30, 1965
Present: Given, Legion and Tomas.

WE: This is the time. It is now. You are prepared well. Ghosts have fled for you know they were not. You know ONE is. Here is a tale. In a low place dwelt a highborn. He wandered freely among his fellows singing low and sweet. When the season of fruiting was upon the low place and the high born, he rose from the low place and wandered forth to sing loud and clear. He forever after dwelt in the high place.

Tomas: What does Tepoztlan mean for me? (An Indian village West of Cuernavaca.).

WE: Here the Mother rested after Her labor. Here you will labor after you rest.

Tomas: Is there more of interest for all here?

WE: The cradle will be found.

Tomas: Expand.

WE: You were and are rocked in this cradle.

Tomas: Should we keep digging in this hole?

WE: What seek ye? Your concern is not with the bowels but the heart. As you stride forward, take no thought where you place your feet. If the foot is forward only, strewn petals will be underfoot. The thorns are encountered only in backstepping.

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