Session 97


September 15, 1965
(Independence Eve in Mexico).
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy.

WE: ‘Tis the eve of nothing but now. The day is handled as it comes daily. Think not of tomorrow. What presses?

Sweet Timothy: Could you speak on life?

WE: WE speak thus of life: ONE is in motion. This is life. That which moves not does not exist. The motion of ONE is what you are. As such you apprehend ONE, your Self. The limit of motion has not and will not be reached. Seek not another life; there is ONE. Seek not ONE: you cannot but be. Being is ONE. ONE is all. ONE is ONE. You are not another. You are ONE. Deify not that which ONE is. That way is separation-which ONE knows not. Deny not ONE while you live. The world is full of those who say they seek ONE. How is it that seekers always blind themselves first to their surroundings? Until they remove the film, they seek in vain.

Do you wish a word of comfort? There is none.

Do you wish a better road? There is none.

Do you wish a Savior? There is none. For you, there is only ONE. You will make that do.

Legion: How are we “spelled” and why is my name Legion?

WE: WE are spelled by the breath which is the movement of ONE. There is a common knowledge of a second breath that renews.

Legion: What second breath do YOU refer to?

WE: It can be likened to that which the runner receives when he falters and then proceeds to the wire. Do you not know why you are Legion?

Legion: Legion is a word. It, too, is spelled. No, I don’t know.

WE: ONE is only a name, too. You do know why you are Legion. Let not thinking confuse knowing; let knowing clear thinking. Deny not thinking. Thus is one permitted movement.

Sweet Timothy: What is the function of the mind?

WE: Apprehension of ONE.

Sweet Timothy: What is the function of the heart?

WE: Comprehension of One.

Legion: What does the symbol on this board tonight symbolize? (The staff of Hermes Trismegistus symbolized life).

WE: The meaning of any symbol is in accordance with the viewer.

Q: Have YOU any more YOU wish to say?

WE: Contrary to popular belief, ONE is not an abstraction.

The reader will have noted that there was little discussion during or after the Mexico sessions. Meanings earlier obscure now seemed bright as day and to need no comment. But this night statement seemed to JohnLegion to be the clearest received and to be complete in itself.

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