Session 96


September 14, 1965
Present: Given, Legion and two visitors: Donald and Tomas.

WE: How is it that one derives strength? One gains only by out-ting, following in-ing.

Donald: Will I live to see my book finished?

WE: It matters not that books be writ. It matters that the writ book be read. That is the book One has writ for one. He who reads his book aright will begin to live. He who reads his book not-or amiss-will surely revolve. This One is the weaver. Much cloth is needed; be about your business. It is whole cloth that is needed. Many words are made of whole cloth.

Donald: What is this tiredness I feel?

WE: You are not tired. You are restless. You have lain down to sleep while the sun is just past mid-heaven. You have closed one eye. The other is seeking the far corners. You toss and turn. Sleep will not come, nor should it. The energy expanded in this out-of-season rest exhausts you. Either close both eyes and revolve yet again, or open the other and go forth to the far corners. You have much to do in your way.

Donald: What can I do to be less tired?

WE: Forget your body. Can you do this? Forget it entirely. Take no thought of draughts or condiments. You are not your body; your body is of you. There is a river flowing of One-ness. Drink deeply of this river and it will sustain fully, it will purify entirely, it will carry you forever.

Legion: What about the joining of the tail to the lion?

WE: A lion without a tail is a poodle. Know this: the tail is affixed as it has always been. It has been carried ‘tween the teeth for a season. Speak! This will open the jaws of the lion to fulsome measure. The tale will make tails stand tall!

Legion: Would you speak on the sex center?

WE: Here is a mystery no longer a mystery. This is not a center but a square. It contains a live gem that is as fire. When active, it flames up and fires the heart to gold. It ups higher in the flow of the golden heart and outs at the throat or the eye or at the summit. Its outing is determined by ONE as the occasion demands. If the fire outs at lower regions, the flow is downward and there is much ash. Think not wrongly of ash for it is fruitful. Question?

Legion: How can Legion re-polarize?

WE: It has been said before there are words he must speak. The Royal One has had difficulty in asking. He has not accustomed himself to asking from the loneliest of wanderers that which he has demanded from the highest. The Royal One, when he asks, will leave the throne forever. Such is the price; such is the prize. This has been said before in words most plain. When read aright-when the meaning is clear-you will understand why the words have not been clearer.

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