Session 95


August 28, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy.

WE: Out what may out this day.

Q: What may out?

WE: If the flow from the heart is not outed, that which flows is not golden. These barriers to a golden heart must be stormed. The blocks of such barriers must be crushed, walked on and over and through. That which clings to the feet of the Tall Ones who have walked through barriers permitting the golden flow, illumines their world.

If one flows golden eternally, why should one of ONE think to stop such flow? How silly to think so! However, as a Wise One once said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Let it be said here that the heart of man is pure and flowing golden. But the Thinker, separated from the Knower, overwhelms the heart. And the heart creates the Thinker’s world.

It is truly said that a man thinks in his heart-not the organ but the being of man. There is not an inner and outer being; there is only ONE BEING, activated by the Knower which has been influenced by the Thinker of ONE.

Separate not Thinker and Knower, heart and mind, if you would move in harmony with One. Know that there is not inner and outer, but ONE … that ONE IS ALL.

Q: What is the uneasiness we feel in our hearts today?

WE: You feel the impending union. There is nothing lost. In a proper union, the Self becomes ONE.

Q: Is there something to be done?

WE: Always. Instant heart action.

Q: Could you give examples of instant heart action?

WE: One knows without doubt when the action has been permitted interference. May WE say this? Push not. Forced growth is with-out real strength. The impulse toward developing comes from the core. There are aids and abets.

Q: Are there aids and abets that could be suggested for right now?

WE: There are. These are actions impulsed by the Knower. WE cannot say “do not this or that.”

Q: How about saying: Do this or that?

WE: One says this to One. In saying this, it goes without saying that another has not the method for another; seek, therefore, in vain for a Prophet.

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