Session 94


August 21, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy, and a visitor: Patric, an artist from Yucatan.

Here is a tale: Travelers footsore and weary stopped at the well-spring. Having neither cup nor cap, they thirsted mightily. Only when the travelers plunged their heads into the water did relief come and their journey continue. Ask.

Legion: How does one alleviate suffering because of love?

WE: As long as one permits a stoppage of so-called love flow, the stoppage projects a picture in the form of one. One demands the love to flow. If the love flows not, the projection looms larger. When the love flow runs freely, there may be personalities but no projections.

Legion: Speak on alchemy, please.

WE: This is a subject which is well-known of the knower who permits the flow of One.

Patric: Will we be allowed to stop soon and work and live?

WE: Woe to him who stops even in rest periods. WE repeat: standing tall does not mean standing still.

Sweet Timothy: Out of the infinite motions, which one to move with?

WE: There is One movement. May WE say this: extrication from motion is motion.

Legion: We have many pieces of the picture puzzle down here right now. Any hints as to the form this will take?

WE: Multi-action on the part of many. Each will be doing something different than before.

Sweet Timothy: Is Meher Baba the Avatar of the age?

WE: YOU are.

Sweet Timothy: Speak on time in regard to the One motion.

WE: Time exists in the One movement as do drops of water in the ocean.

Legion: Where did the idea of an outward Avatar originate? Why?

WE: It is like “mirror, mirror on the wall”-the reflection was sought, not the Knower.

Legion: Who is Snow White? Oh, I suppose you will say “you are”: Very well, when is Prince Charming coming along to wake her?

WE: He has come these many days. You sleep not.

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