Session 93


August 18, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy and two visitors: Susan and Ted.

WE: Do you wonder what is happening? This is a period when decisions clear are needed. WE speak not of emotional outburstings, which lead one to confusion, but to the needed actions for you. How specific would you wish us to be?

Sweet Timothy: What actions are needed?

WE: WE repeat, in other words, that which has been said before: the champion of the heart cannot truly express this function abstractly. Concreteness is needed by this one. This concreteness must be found in the form of another. No head is to be buried in these days of action.

Sweet Timothy: In the form of another actor?

WE: Yes. The heart is alive; it has form. There is more than one heart. A heart that beats unto itself misses the beat that a champion of the heart needs. Ask.

Sweet Timothy: A qualified heart beat?

WE: This is a mistaken teaching.

Sweet Timothy: What is the new teaching of the heart?

WE: The heart cannot beat impersonally for you. One is here and now, not there and later. Hold on while WE say this: the golden heart is a sham until it beats. (Sweet Timothy was, at the time, working on a painting called the Golden Heart) WE speak further: this is Sweet Timothy’s function and only lack.

Given: Will you speak on my action?

WE: Yes. For this one there must be action and not of old patterns. The Knowing One has spoken. You have heard. Will you choose not to listen?

Given: What of my decision to stay in Mexico?

WE: The days have a number. Think not of hows. You will further wander. Trace not old and comfortable steps. The motion is forward, not backward. The Tall One grows as he is stretched.

Given: What is the number of the number?

No answer.

However, Given returned to California in February of 1966, six months later. He “further wandered” as had been said. After several months in Bolinas, where he worked as a cook, and in Sausalito where he took over a news-route, he went to Venice, California where he spent several years with a business firm, but then went to Europe.

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