Session 92


August 9, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy.

WE: What will you?

Legion: Who, from your viewpoint, is Meher Baba?

WE: He is One of many who are moving in ONE.

Legion: Why does he consistently come up as a liberator for Legion?

WE: He does not.

Legion: Why does his vibration seemingly liberate Legion, then?

WE: He knows wherein and whereof he moves. Many are in need of a follower that knows.

Legion: A follower? Or a point who knows?

WE: Legion, while many, is more than many.

Legion: Yet Legion knows through Meher Baba.

WE: Not so!

Legion: Legion seems to know, then, only through speculation or what he has been told by others, including this WE-G board.

WE: Not so! Legion will know more by concentrating on Legion.

Legion: Legion does not want to kid himself any more. How can Legion concentrate on Legion and know more?

WE: That which is known through another is not truly known. That which is known through Self is truly known.

Legion: How do I find my Self? You and others have given me this Self concept.

WE: WE give you nothing…. Judge not others. Concern you with YOU.

Legion: The whole thing seems a paradox. I can see hers have gotten nowhere, just as I have not. Meher Baba has. I think occasionally I have, but then I realize I haven’t.

WE: You still think there is some place to get. It-ONE-is all now.

Legion: True-I do.

WE: Like the huddled man standing in the rain looking through windows at a glittering bail scene and wishing he were inside with the glitter. ONE is all-glitter and rain.

Legion: Will you give us a hint for the next step?

WE: The way is clear to the next step. There appear obstacles of a material nature. A step will prove otherwise. A champion does not battle with second-stringers. He always takes on the difficult to know his strength.

Sweet Timothy: What is personality?

WE: Personality for one is the activity of one but not necessarily the activity of another. Therefore one need not accept another’s activity, nor reject it.

Sweet Timothy: From what plane is this information coming?

WE: You would call it the mental. It could also be called the level of knowing.

Sweet Timothy: What is the way to the level of knowing?

WE: There is no single way to this stage. There is one way for each, though. This way comes not as a present. The way is direct. It is inner and outer-inner in knowing, outer in motion or activity. If you presently feel unrest, confuse it not with confusion; merely move with knowing. Sweet Timothy functions whole heartedly. Think and act on this. A half loaf is better than no loaf ….not so with half a heart.

Legion: How can we function wholly? How get that incentive?

WE: In centive is not out centive.

Sweet Timothy: What is in-centive?

WE: In centive comes with right action, not before.

Q: A question about a stoppage of action or feeling that had appeared to block inter-relationships recently.

WE: All stoppages were of heart action. There is this to do: always respond instantly to the action of the heart. This action is pre-communicated to the thinking processes where it is sometime sabotaged. This can be corrected by instant action.

Legion: We are conditioned from childhood to guard against instant reactions. How do we get over the barrier?

WE: Be willing to accept whatever (are) the consequences of right action. Thus leaders are known.

Legion: You know what Sweet Timothy is trying to express. Would you please open a door for him from his viewpoint? WE: The door is open. He need but walk through it. The heart does not necessarily preclude relationships with others nor does it necessarily include such relationship. The Knower walks through the open door.

Sweet Timothy: Where is the door?

WE: The door leads from the heart to the mind. Your weapon is a key should the door close.

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