Session 91


Present: Given, Legion, Sweet Timothy and four visitors:
Kate, Holly, Marianne and Luther.

Martin-Sweet Timothy had flown down from California -for a visit . . but was not to remain long. The period in Mexico, for all concerned, had been and would continue to be one of change-with much coming and going.

WE: Great events are constructed incident by incident. The mighty explosion and implosion are built by fractions. Thus is the Self known. Your explosions of knowing are still fractions. When the fullness is known-and it will be known-it will be known as silently as the morning sun on the rose’s dew. Welcome the dark days, as the turnip welcomes the dark soil; therein is also growth. When the movement of One is acknowledged, fret if you will . . . better not to, though. When full stature is reached and one stands tall -eternally, burdens there are none. You are a Tall One. The Knower knows this. Often the Tall One spreads disease. Think not on this. Those susceptible must draw the tall ones like the thirsty roots the hidden water.

Kate: How goes it with John? (Her husband, an artist, who had died a year earlier.)

WE: Reach not for the dropped stone when jewels are nearer. It cannot be over-stressed that the Self is concerned only with the Self. Be not trapped by that which others term responsibility. Cast adrift the thin webs of iron associated with others. If a hand holds, cut it off; if a heart pierces, sever it. Be not human; be ONE. Should another join you for a season, know this only; it is so that each shall know ONE, not each other. Grant this gift to the joiner. Accept nothing less than yourself. There are not two. There is ONE.

Kate: How does one bridge the gulf from all-knowing to daily reality?

WE: In daily reality, there is no gulf to all knowing. All that is is ONE; there is no other reality. You may think this not so, but you know it is so.

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