Session 90


July 28, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, and three visitors: Janas, Lem and Jeffrey.

WE: Thinking days are done. There is a question.

Legion: Who are the Gypsies?

WE: The rovers of G.

Legion: Where do we originate from?

WE: Think not of origin but of transition. G transits from O to knowing.

Legion: Since many obscure notes seem to be related to the Gypsies, would you say more of them?

WE: Yes. The Gypsy stage you all have known in other days. It would be well not to re-transit.

Given: Do you want to carry that further?

WE: The circle of G is open and the line points forward which motion is your motion. Close no more that circle. To do so would entrap.

Legion: Since we are on this letter business, what of R? Is R the origin of 0?

WE: Therein lies great strength to do. It, however, does not stand alone. It is in company with A tale is told. Let him with many ears listen: A mountain crumbled from within and covered the grassy plain with rubble. Flowers grew not, nor seed of any kind. He who was on the high place fell, also, and despaired in his view. With bowed head, he roamed the rubble for a season.

One day the sky cleared in its season and bird song from above lifted the despairing one’s head. A higher peak was seen and ascended; a more exalted vista was his.

Lem: I’m interested in my place. What is my place in the reflection of Unity? What form will it be reached in?

WE: As for placement, it is centered as YOU. As for reflection, it is not such. The ONE is not reflected but IS. The form is motion. All that is is ONE in motion. It is not reached, but known. The Knower moves with the one movement.

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