Session 89


Xiutepec, Morelos, Mexico July 23, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, and three visitors: Dio, Laurie, and Janas.

Legion and Given had just returned from Guatemala. Dio and Laurie had been staying at the house in Xiutepec in their absence, but were soon to return to California where Dio worked with computers.

WE: The stirring from without centers in the vitals. Discomfort there is plenty. Hold not back nor resist. Be like a hollow tube through which a wind blows. Think not that you are not connected with that without. Be not concerned, however. The new time is upon you. Doings different may be scheduled. Should fear immobilize you, alas. If the direction be not clear, take no thought for the way will -clear. The knowing will come as surely and as softly as the dawn. The Mother stern has ceased Her call; Her children have heard and responded. When She calls again, She will not be stern.

Laury: What about love?

WE: Love as commonly known is a barrier to the movement of ONE – which is uncommonly known as love.

Laury: Love of what?

WE: The movement of love is ONE.

Laury: What of love with regard to the union of beings with each other?

WE: That which is known in the mind and the heart is not love. Love is known only by the one who knows the movement of ONE. Commonly known, love is the action of need and is not the One in action necessarily. The fine line of distinction is as a gulf to the Knower. WE do not knock unions.

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