Session 88


Guatemala City, Guatemala
July 13, 1965
Present: Legion, Given, and their host and hostess: Neal and Kenny.

Legion and Given had flown down to Guatemala City for a few days to visit Kenny and Neal. They were thinking of going on to El Salvadore, but the timing did not seem right.

WE: Best is here-not to come. A frighted bird lofts and saves her feathers, thereby. There are no delays ahead. Now IS. A clear sounding rings within, unruffled by the without. Listen, therefore, to the Knower within. In the face of the furies this Knower is steadfast to that which the Self directs. Though the legion be against the stead-fast, the One remains true to its action and the One manifests as it must. It matters not if Mother moves seemingly against one.

Here is a tale: In the forest dwelt a fair thing who followed a sunbeam to the outer dark of the forest. The rains came and the beam was extinguished. The fair thing withdrew inward till her glow extended beyond herself and lit the dark and dried the rain , , , , So, if you think you are out of the woods, you may be in the dark, if not glowing from your within.

Here is a needed saying: Trump not your partner. Is there a question?

Kenny: Is it a question of conflicting egos?

WE: Egos do not exist in the movement of ONE. The action of ONE is unstoppable.

Legion: What are partners if not egos?

WE: Partners are dual action appearing as one.

Kenny: How does this account for conflicting selves?

WE: Accounting is impossible in view of the impossibility. There is One Self only. When confusion appears, listen to the One Self which speaks most clearly and loudly. Think not that the Self is unchanging in appearance. That which is required by the Self is done. Measure not in terms of yesterday or tomorrow; now is alone.

Kenny: What of the movement of man?

WE: The movement of man is in rhythm with the movement of ONE. Such syncopation!

Neal: (silent question).

WE: One is concerned with One alone. Each comes not softly or swiftly winging from without. It flows outward only with the knowing of the movement of One.

Neal: Is there one in this house with peace?

WE: When peace is known, it is known. A question lingers. It is answered thusly: Take not to oneself that which is foreign.

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