Session 87


July 3, 1965
Present: Given and Legion.

Letters had been received in the mail from Lorna, Gayla and Sweet Timothy, all of whom were now in California.

WE: A troubled mind is nothing. A troubled heart is nothing. Trouble seems to occur when motion seems contrary with the movement of ONE. ‘Tis seeming only. The movement is unstoppable. Disharmony is sounded in the mind’s ear alone. The movement has its own rhythm and is sweet, indeed. Would you ask for another?

Legion: Lorna has written to ask if you have any words for her now?

WE: Understanding when given and received knows not the way of the tides with ebbs and flows. Rather, it is as a union between one and ONE in which constant growth is realized through perpetual consummation. This One has partaken of the marriage and shall not know death. Therefore, separation shall not be. The seed will be goodsome.

Q: Do you have words for Gayla?

WE: Yes. The ONE is known of Gayla. She has chosen to charge the wall with lowered head. The wall is to be at last lowered in this fashion. A hard head has this one: a most direct approach. WE say “listen, listen, listen.” The wailing now is of others. Hear it as sweet, see it as movement; know it as ONE functioning. You will function in this One function. The Victorious One salutes a great fighter.

Q: For Martin?

WE: Sweet Timothy- the field is full with Tall Ones. You stand not alone. Your essence is perceived by those in the field, both near and far. If you perceive not your essence, ’tis not because the essence is not there, nor the perception. Think not of perception, essence, or other Tall Ones; simply stand tall and exude. When the honeybee comes-and it will-hold not back that which it came for. You are because of the honeybee.

Q: Words for Given?

WE: Yes. Think not to stop the movement. It is given of ONE. Dwell not on resistance.

Q: Legion?

WE: Legion is many in ONE. Diversification followed from the scattered line-lead to the point of ONE. Legion cannot be embraced or understood by other than ONE. Be well, Legion.

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