Session 86


June 30, 1965
Present: Given, Legion and two visitors: Donald and Dorothy who were devoted weavers.

WE: Passing. The turbulent sky lightens. The willows unbend. A swaying commences. The tierra welcomes the shod feet. A voice insistent beckons. The hidden ear responds. The movement of ONE is diversified.

There is no question-only an answer. This is it: Be steadfast in motion. A band weaves a pattern. You are of the band. You weave well the design new not-new. Follow not the thread. Think not on the garment. Only move with the motion of the Weaver. There is no finished product.

A tale: Behind a stone dwelt a worm. It circled the stone for many moons and wearied in its circling. When the moon was swallowed, the worm weary struggled to the summit of the stone and died of its skin. When the blue sun heavened, the worm-no-more lifted new wings to a sky which circled him.

Think not that ONE speaks. One IS only. ONE is discerned in motion only. You are that movement. That which moves not is not. That which moves is. Naught but moves. Naught is but ONE.

Correct not your errors . . . they are not such. Change only to present directions. May WE say this to you: be critical never. If change is directed, direct it. Think not that you interfere when directed. Think not on another. Just be the ONE directed by the Self in harmony with ONE.

Speak it out. The healing stone has been throated. Dislodge it not to lower regions. Reverse your stand with open mouth. When the stone is on the tongue, air it to others.

The moving water muddies not nor collects foreign bodies. There once was a saintly man who lived to be lighted by the Saviour. He told his beads for a lifetime, and expired with a prayer on his lips. Another traveled from encampment to encampment bringing water. His function brought life to many.

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