Session 85


June 27, 1965
Present: Given, Legion and two visitors: Kate and Holly.

WE: Proceed to what seems a hard saying: A stoppage is the most harmful of all actions. A stoppage is not an action; it is a most violent action based on destruction of Self . . a senseless action since Self cannot be shrouded.

Kate: In what directions are my energies now to flow?

WE: Harmonize with those whose direction is forward. This may seem for this One a reversal of a seemingly different direction. You are now in the land of the Mother. Drink deeply of Her substance. Drink with a cool head lest you curdle Her substance. Once there was a lamb-lost. This lamb lay with wild beasts and spoke the language of the beasts. On a stormy eve, the shepherd good found the beasts and drove them from the lamb-lost. Thereupon the lamb-found spoke sweetly. It is a needy lamb who welcomes the shepherd good. Think on this. A burning question fores. Will it be voiced?

Kate: Have I a place in the work of Legion and Given?

WE: There is only one action for all. It is this: to BE. This means to move in the movement of ONE. There is one movement or function. It is seemingly differentiated. The Self, therefore, functions in a manner seemingly different from another. Take no thought about the function of Self or of others. First comes the awareness of ONE. Thus is the new-born known and thus knows. At that moment, One’s function is known and the action of the Self corresponds with the knowing. Repeat: take no thought. Slip not into another’s gown. The fitting will most surely be ill. Only BE. The rest follows like the tail-feathers of the lofted bird.

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