Session 84


June 20, 1965
Present: Given, Legion and two visitors: Dio and Laurie. Both formerly of Big Sur. They had arrived a day or two before the rest departed for California.

WE: Driven from the south is a storm. Centered in the North is it. Showers sweet fruit. ‘Tis a seasonal storm. The Wanderer is come, not from a far land is he, but a near one. Much does he give from his land. He speaks a new tongue long familiar. His giving is the new tongue. Recaptors there are in number. He goes, yet does not. A wanderer he shall always remain. In the high country, a double unit know its Self-ness. This exotic fruit was stored in the cold-box and suffered. In another season, the two-One consumed the exotic fruit and were nourished thereby. The bridegroom has accepted his duty. That which he has asked for and been given shall never be apart from him. To Legion it is said this: Be One as you are ONE. In the midst of Legion is ONE. In ONE is Legion. A movement of ONE is given to Legion to understand. Legion walks in his understanding. All should know this: There are no far places. Ask.

Dio: Who is the Wanderer?

WE: He is known of you.

Laurie: How is he known?

WE: He is known by his movements.

Dio: What movement?

WE: He gives the movement of ONE. When the Self is sought, ONE is found. Think not on the book. You have read aright your words.

Dio: Who was that addressed to?

WE: Each has written his book. Note well the words “has written.” Reading time is upon the writer.

Legion: A few more words, please, regarding the new language.

WE: This is a familiar song to you. When heard for the first time, it is as though remembered from the Mother’s cradle. The Wanderer speaks for ONE.

Legion: The Wanderer seemingly certainly does not speak like the Speaker in the Tarot.

WE: The Wanderer speaks most gently. Graceful and constant is the movement. Should that which is given softly strip the flesh from one, it is seeming only.

Legion: I could design the 23rd book if YOU wished me to (The Wanderer).I don’t think you would even have to describe it.

WE: Do so if you wish.

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