Session 83


June 14, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Gayla, Sweet Timothy, Lorna and a visitor: Joachim.

Lorna had just flown down from California for a visit, and was shortly to depart, Gayla-Rosalind and Martin-Sweet Timothy with her. Rhom alone remained at John’s in Mexico. Tonight, however, no one acticipated an imminent change or departure. The events of the next few days were to be completely sudden and even cataclysmic-like the arrival of an unheralded storm.

WE: The present beginning of now awareness will start while all else fails. Stand aside and watch the crumbling of patterns. Patterns do not co-exist with awareness. Think not-function only. There is the function only, channeled through the functions of ONE. If a puzzlement lingers in the fore-brain, tickle it not, listen not to another, simply let. Let is another way of saying something else. Question now to advantage.

Legion: What is “something else”?

WE: Letting the ONE function as it does. The ONE encompasses all. You are to weave a new cloth. If this is associated with renewals seeming only as is the cloth. This you understand fully.

Martin: What is my function?

WE: This will come. To Sweet Timothy WE say this: YOU stand tall in the field. Look not up to another, for there is none. Simply stand tall. Reach not for the sun, strain not for a star; stand and sweeten that which comes to you like the thread to needle’s eye. Ask again.

Martin: Who am I?

WE: None can say for another.

Gayla: What is the ‘”Mother stern”?

WE: The Mother stern has not a wayward child.

Gayla: What is meant by this Mother?

WE: It is a wise child who knows his Mother.

Legion: (silent question).

WE: A heavy heart was examined minutely and its passer died. A troubled mind was examined carefully and it was found that the heart had back-fired. Let it stand in the field if you will where the one current has its sway-a current which has a source and a direction. The stronger the current, the more yielding must be the surviving stalk.

Lorna: Is it my turn now to accept-rather than to take responsibility?

WE: The understanding One takes and gives and always, always is responsible to and for ONE.

Lorna: Am I outside the crown of the Renewer?

WE: Understanding has naught to do with head-pieces.

Gayla: Do we have a personal identification with the Tarot cards?

WE: If you wish.

Martin: Could you say anything more about the Tall One?

WE: The Tall One stands erect, strong, aware that winds blow through him.

Martin: On what does the Tall One stand?

WE: He is in constant movement.

In the afterwards discussion, the comment about personal identification with the Tarot cards seemed significant-”If you wish.” As it applied to this group, it applied, therefore, to all.

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