Session 82


June 8, 1965
Present: Legion, Given, Gayla

WE: You are foregathered. Aft is naught. A prism is shattered; released is a forceful flow-a flow that has exploded from a one-pointedness. Sugar now melts in the ice-mouth. A repetition is not scheduled. A whale freely swims in a thimble. Ask.

Legion: I want to know about this concept of point, line and circle. What can be said by YOU?

WE: These symbols are interviewable. The circle is ONE. The point is ONE in expression. The line is ONE in action. Division of these symbols is seemingly possible.

Legion: Could you tell us more about this? I’ve sensed very much the circle, for instance. I’ve seen Given as the line, Gayla as the point-not necessarily applicable but there seems to be a relationship in them that seems to me paramountly a new ideation as far as One’s re-birth. Could you give any helpful data on this?

WE: The Trinity is one, aware and functioning. This seeming must be known of YOU.

Legion: Seeming must be known of you? Well, all I can do is concentrate on the circle. It is seemingly-to me the only thing worth doing. Is this what you mean? I’m not interested in the point or line, but can only do what I do.

WE: Good. The symbols are inter-changable also. You are aware of your functioning at all times. The awareness has been increased and will continue. Likewise the functioning from awareness. The new-born leap not back to the womb but wax strong.

Gayla: What was the inner pain I experienced last night?

WE: Pain is pleasure’s cushion. A sensitive instrument vibrates at every shock yet sings not the melody of the shock but its own note.

Gayla: What is the expression or movement of the point?

WE: Light.

Gayla: What is meant by the ONE in action?

WE: An out-pouring from the source of all things seen.

Legion: Could you give one more hint of this fact what all this has to do with human personality seeming to be building almost a machine. I don’t know what else to call it. I think you know what I mean untranslatable by the mind because it is outside of time.

WE: WE say this: An Army is not known for its privates or Generals.

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