Session 81


June 3, 1965
Present: Given, Legion, Gayla, Sweet Timothy.

Both Rhom and Rosalind had reverted to their “commission” names since arriving in Mexico. John-Legion had never abandoned his, and Martin appeared to enjoy his Sweet Timothy role. However, he had relatively little interest in the ouija board, since he spent most of his time painting.

WE: A whirling wind has descended upon the high place. Coolness there is none. The animals cry out. Expulsion! A moon, slender, is red-ringed. A wailing soars. Timid hearts quake, The Tall Ones walk forth in a temporary victory. Full stature is yet to be achieved. There once was a Mother stern who scattered Her children many in strange halls. They wandered separately as the call of the wild. The children returned to the Mother near stranger-to her and themselves. The Mother stern wept. The heart’s water dissolved the grime of travel and clear faces were known of one another. A time of understanding has come to you. It is received as misunderstanding. Think not on it or of it. The understanding has come. Proceed in your only direction . . . forward. The Lion in a warm climate, this one molts. Were the lion a serpent, this action would be likened to skin shedding. The unmolted lion melts in warm climates. This is the lion’s tale. A twice-told tale-while dull-is impressing.

The King of the forest lay down with the lambs of the field. The shepherd good with clear vision led his gathered creatures to a sweetsome pasture. A dog story: the puppy-marked weaned too soon led a slim life. He wandered among the meat stalls begging and was not nourished. He wandered far and came upon the shepherd, covering his cold. When the sun shone, the dog-marked walked with the shepherd and preceded him into a sweetsome pasture.

Gayla: Why are we gathered together at this time?

WE: A tolling is heard for him who comes not now to ONE. WE speak now in forward speech. Diddling days are done. Self-recognition lies heavy upon you. The burden is bearable. Other burdens have been cast aside and this has been well. This burden is to be borne now – repeat NOW. To cast this one aside will mean many a naked season with such a nakedness that the soul will cry.

Gayla: What is our exact goal?

WE: ONE in action.

Gayla: In what way?

WE: Cannot be understood.

Legion: Who are the Tall Ones?


Gayla: Are there more Tall Ones?

WE: Many.

Gayla: In what way do we aid each other by being together?

WE: Don’t.

Gayla: If each were alone, would it be the same?

WE: No. A solitary beauty is ignorant until another beauty is met.

Gayla: Is it true that there is something immanent about the ONE?

WE: Nearer than breathing.

Legion: What has all this to do with Atlantis? What is Atlantis?

WE: The turning wheel. A revolution is in process.

Legion: Is it so that the Self itself is in the process of being reborn?

WE: Yes. This natal thread has been spun through many days. All that has been written of you is related to this birth, this recognition, this revolution. Let there be no miscarriage. There is no midwife in attendance. There is only ONE. There will be only ONE. You have timed the delivery from conception. Count not the days. You may miscalculate.

Gayla: Do we face hazards or obstacles in this process?

WE: A miscarriage is a mess . . . . Be of good cheer. The days ahead will seem hard-seeming only. Heard through the rumble is a host of trumpets sweet which you can hear. This is not a heavenly allusion but a clear announcement. The sound is high, sweet, pure. Its vibrancy can transport you above the clatter if you will remember and listen. This is not a pretty saying but more.

Legion: Tell us more about LSD being “The Self Sought” and a flying saucer being a “Self-seeking expression.”

WE: More to your concern now is the Self known.

Gayla: Why now the Self?

WE: Are you aware of the duration of now?

Gayla: I don’t know what you mean by that.

WE: YOU do.

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