Session 80


May 28, 1965 Xiutepec, Morelos, Mexico.
Present: Rhom-Given, John-Legion, Rosalind-Gayla and three visitors: Martin, Marianne and Maxamiho.

The scene in Mexico was almost the opposite of what it had been in Carmel. Where in Carmel there had been the ocean and sea-birds winging, here the house was in the midst of an almost jungle, with iguanas climbing on the outside stone-walls. At night there were fireflies-and hordes of mosquitoes. Where in Carmel, most of the year, the group gathered in front of a fireplace and, in winter-time, had to wrap themselves in heavy sweaters, coats, woolen rebozos or thick Arab burnooses (depending on what was at hand), here all living was outdoors-on a patio or terrace with a roof-except for sleeping. John-Legion slept in the living-room of his two-bedroom house, having converted one of the bedrooms into a combination library and painting studio for Martin, and the other bedroom was a guest-room. Martin, who was fond of solitude, slept in the upstairs of the servants’ quarters in a separate building outside. The maid, Leti, a wall-eyed albino, slept in the downstairs section. Outside there was a banana grove and, below the house, a creek. Mangos grew on the other side of the creek. Where in Carmel, at night, one heard the distant barking of sea lions and the boom of the surf against the cliffs, here one heard crickets and the roar and crackle of thunder in the rainy season. In the morning, one heard church bells. The village was about ten miles from Cuernavaca and there was no refrigerator and no telephone. Large cockroaches scuttled across the kitchen-but in Mexico one quickly got used to them.

Yes, the feeling was very different here than it had been at the Carmel Highlands. However, Osiris still graced the living room, as did the Aton sun- disk-but, in addition, there were statues of Aztec gods. Rhom arrived several days after Rosalind, because his car had broken down in San Diego and he had to continue the journey by bus. The first session was held on the second night after his arrival. Meanwhile, he had taken a long walking trek to a nearby waterfall-and gone swimming in the river below it. Rosalind, still wearing a leg-cast, was confined to sitting on the terrace, fighting off the mosquitoes. The two visitors this evening were Marianne, an artist-craftsman from Cuernavaca, and Maximiho, a pianist who played with the Mexico City symphony orchestra. The session commenced late, after supper. A huge bowl of red roses was on the table. Vultures winged to sleep for the night in the Amati trees.

WE: YOU are. ONE is. The bird wings over the body in swift multipassage. His beat is strong and loud.

Legion: What is the Word?

WE: There is no Word.

Marianne: What is?

WE: ONE is.

Marianne: Who is?

WE: WE are. ONE is.

Marianne: What has to happen?

WE: A new birth is best explanation. Words only.

Legion: Let’s talk about levels.. responsibilities. Where do they lie?

WE: ONE is irresponsible. WE now walk with virgin feet.

Legion: What about Martin’s next step?

WE: He shouts his question. He answers himself in sweet whispers. He rings with sureness. Stout is his form. The shadow is its own light.

Martin: What is my commission? Has it a name?

WE: Sweet Timothy. This one has lingered long among the flowers. Will remain among the flowers. Sweet Timothy exudes.

Martin-Sweet Timothy: What is L.S.D.? (He was interested in experimenting with it at the time).

WE: The Self sought.

Legion: Please say more about the South move to Mexico, Rhom’s coming, hints about now. You said that the impractical was practical. Well, I’ve been put on the spot. What are we all up to?

WE: You, in plurality, are drinking at the swollen breast. You are drinking with bared teeth. Is well though best thirsty you consider not the Mother. She finds relief and gives. You think not of Her-as children will. This is proper. The child who considers another is stunted. The new child-now born-will walk tall, by Self-consideration alone.

Sweet Timothy: Where are we?

WE: WE are centered.

Sweet Timothy: By what are we centered?


Sweet Timothy: Is ONE on earth?

WE: The earth is of ONE.

Legion: It would be wonderful if we all began to look for the earth.

WE: Puzzles are cast by puzzlers. You are not puzzled. If you wait, it is your own scheduling. You wait not with or for another.

(Sweet Timothy took John-Legion’s place at the board with Rhom at this point).

The progression will not be impeded . . . . Nothing is unplanned by ONE. Another’s progression cannot clang with another’s. The slow starter in the race is merely compared with another. How silly. A game-playing is just a silly word for progression. Hope not, pray not, close not-for it cannot be done. You have seen the flow yourself and know this. So think not of closing nor of opening. Be cause, that is. Look not for advice. Look not for an event greater than birth. A mantle of mystery glimmers to attract the winged one. Just so is the moth fired. There is a psalm of harmony expanding the form to fullness. It vibrates to the extremities and beyond. Its music is nourishing. You do feel the vibration and respond in a suiting manner.

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