Session 78


May 12, 1965
Present: Rhom, Rosalind and a visitor: Sally.

WE: Greetings. A tuneful fling. The cobra spits. A south wind carries it back and the cobra sheds a final skin. Ask.

Q: Is there any confusion in our plans? (By this time, both Rhom and Rosalind were making plans to leave for Mexico. He was going to drive down in his almost dying car and she was going to fly because she had a broken leg).

WE: WE know not confusion.

Sally: Is there a positive influence from Pravananda in my life now or in the future? (One of her yoga teachers.)

WE: Read this aright. There is never-repeat never-an influence from beyond the Self. The ONE is the only mover. The clear-eye reads this unblinking.

Gayla: What about the wall? (Gayla-Rosalind’s married name was Wall).

WE: No chink was unfilled in the construction of that which you charged, head lowered. A mighty cry was heard, over the hills and beyond.

Gayla: (Silent question).

WE: These people were not chinks but stones in the construction. It has been said that when a stone is loosed from an open hand, it has been known to rise.

Q: Is there any basic problem involved in our going south to Mexico?

WE: The problem, so-called, is a cute one. It is as though two kingdoms were waging neutrality. One (kingdom) might be called David’s, the other John’s.

Q: Can John’s and David’s kingdoms be reconciled?

WE: One kingdom, many kings.

Q: Is there something that urgently needs to be communicated at this time?

WE: All communication is from the Speaker of ONE to the Knower of ONE. Be of good cheer. A peep through the door shows the wolf is not there after all. Greetings!

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