Session 77


May 8, 1965
Rhom and Rosalind.

WE: Greetings. A burial ceremony. The rest is to come. Salud!

Q: Mexico is of primary interest right now to both of us. Can you tell us more about this?

WE: The way is long. The way is paved. Flowers blue an indicator. A welcome sign. (When Rhom arrived in Xiutepec three weeks later, John had placed a great quantity of blue flowers in a bowl on the terrace dining table).

Gayla: What’s the real purpose in my going? What is to be accomplished?

WE: Thus would a new generation see the sun.

Gayla: May we ask about the Tarot?

WE: The book is not bound.

Q: Will there be more about the Books of T?

WE: Yes.

Rhom: What’s the size of the “family?”

WE: It waxes. It wanes. It joys. It pains. It opens. It closes. It gives. It opposes. It numbers ONE.

Q: Does it matter if John-Legion welcomes us? Do we have to have his affirmation first?

WE: He is not the Mother. The Mother calls.

Q: But neither of us have any money and we can’t go unless we stay at his house. We have to be practical.

WE: To be practical is not practical. Do not hesitate. (To Rhom.) Your way says go, man, go. The way is paved with flowers blue.

Gayla: Does this message apply only to Rhom? Is it for me also?

WE: A wall is in your way.

Gayla: What wall?

WE: A wailing wall. Tears squeezed for coin are unsalted. The wall should be assaulted. La Gay One knows not walls. La Gay One paves ways, not walls. Adiosito!

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