Session 76


May 1, 1965
Present: Rhom, Rosalind and a visitor: Khar. Greetings May Day.

Khar: Who is speaking?

WE: WE. Ask.

Q: What should we do?

WE: It is doing.

Rosalind: Should Rhom and I go to Mexico?

WE: Many will gather at the Mother’s breast…Mother land.

Q: What is the Mother Land?

WE: Now called Mexico. Will be among the gatherers.

Q: Does this mean we should go to Mexico and join John? Unequivocally, yes or no!

WE: Yes. The wound-too-tight watch un-springs now.

Rosalind: What was the inner path I embarked upon 30 years ago to mean?

WE: The answer is never written for any man. The answer, however, is embodied by all men and is outbreathed.

The silent question referred to an experience of samadhi or the ONE at the age of fifteen

Q: Why can’t you say something to steer us?

WE: Be the much trod-upon bridge.

Q: Do you wish to communicate with people at this time?

WE: Yes.

Q: What do you want to say?

WE: It will be said. It will be done. The mind appears quickened. It is not a zephyr. It will not destroy a needed thing, however.

Khar: Should I go into the Army if they want me?

WE: The ONE body is naked.

Khar: In what way am I attached to Rhom and Rosalind?

WE: Ships upon the same ocean often meet in mid current when the fog is lifted and draw together in each other’s wash. Quite often such ships salute each other.

Q: Do I have a responsibility? If so, to do what?

WE: ONE can be separated but one cannot be divided.

Gayla: Is there a purpose for me on this earth?

WE: Yes. Picture a banana as the Self. Further picture the fruit peeled from its meat. The peel is to be zipped into the golden whole. No longer need the meat be exposed to the flies and buzzards. One Self, one whole fruit. YOU are not to feed the stomach.

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