Session 75


Sausalito, California
April 22, 1965
Present: Rhom and Rosalind.

It had been a year and a half since the sessions had ended at Carmel Highlands. The scene had changed-and so had everything and everyone. Rhom (who no longer called himself Given) had been going to San Francisco State for awhile, but he had lost interest and dropped out. Uncertain of his next step, he was temporarily working as a cook at a boarding house on Pacific Heights in San Francisco. His car had broken down. So he had walked across Golden Gate Bridge to visit Rosalind (who no longer called herself Gayla) who was sitting, immobilized, in a small upstairs Sausalito apartment with a broken leg. John was in Mexico, living in a small village called Xiutepec, on the outskirts of Guernavaca, with an artist friend named Martin. Nadine was still in Carmel, now living with Primo. Dean was in New York, working as a computer programmer and active in Subud. He was, in fact, the only one who steadily continued with Subud.

Rhom had been very anti-esoteric and anti-occult since leaving Carmel, and had declared he would never touch a ouija board again in his life-but, strangely, out of the blue, as it were, the impulse to try the oujia board once again had arisen strongly this evening. The recording was slow, because they had to stop constantly to write it down. The reader will note that the style of the message was not quite the same with Rhom and Rosalind at the board but the basic quality or essence was.

WE: You will soon know the truth, Rosalind. WE are speaking through you, but the impediment is great. WE ask both of you to be patient. Do not scatter to the winds but collect. Destruction happened because it had to.

This referred to the break-up of the Carmel group.

Q: For what purpose?

WE: You both had to be independent or repeat ancient pattern in which you were trapped by persons.

Q: What does independence mean?

WE: Never following another’s goal.

Q: But what about cooperation?

WE: Cooperation didn’t occur in your lives.

Q: When did the destruction take place or in what form?

WE: In other time, it darkened Egypt. Akhenaton left the kingdom.

Q: Is there anything we have to accomplish where we are?

WE: The message has to be rewritten by YOU first.

Q: What message?

WE: That you know of yourselves the truth and do not regard other persons.

There was a long break for discussion. Egypt, in particular, was emphasized, as it had been at the beginning of the Carmel sessions. This Egyptian theme it seemed, was not quite finished . . . . Was the Royal Maze not yet unraveled? And why had Akhenaton been mentioned?

WE: Fight not. Sift not but strain. A whirling star lights. A descending star extinguishes. A full Moon abets the seed.

Q: What is the star?

WE: The luminous Self in the heavens.

Rhom: What is this restlessness I feel?

WE: The urge is upon you to do. Do. Act upon that which is presented by others in answer to your questing self.

Rosalind: What of my life direction? What should I do?

WE: The thorns have all been imbedded and there are no others. Therefore no need to step gingerly but firmly ahead. The presentation has been made. Only that which seems impractical is practical. The second step is easier then the first. The first is made in hesitation. The second is automatic.

Rhom: What of my direction?

WE: The time has come to push the bark from the beach into the current. An idle craft is soon rotted. Follow all urgings. No trails are dead ends. Beware of detours-they consume time.

Rosalind: Am I involved with Rhom’s lode-stone?

WE: The entwinement of certain persons shall never unravel.

Q: Is this to do with Egypt again?

WE: Yes.

Q: Can you explain what Egypt has to do with the future and now?

WE: Will try. (Pause.) The past is now flesh, brought forward. It, the past, continues. The flesh is subject to the wind’s caress, be it gentle or not.

Q: Are we both still closely involved with John?

WE: Entwined.

Q: Please explain the meaning of the reversal.

WE: The up is down. The down is in. The smooth is slippery. High places are not above the level. Climbers; crawl. Purple is gold. Bones are fleshed. Wounds heal.

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