Session 74


November 16, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Gayla, Primo, Peter and -four visitors: Djey, Frank, Brian and Frieda.

Although no one realized it in advance, this was to be the last of the Carmel sessions. The time and tides had changed. All of the original group except for Dean-Paris were present, and perhaps his departure had something to do with the group’s breaking-up-or dispersing. Its purpose was accomplished; it had come to its end. At least for the present. The next chapter was to open almost two years later in Mexico.

WE: The seasons come and the seasons go. NOW is the season. Rooted not in rock is anyone here. Rooted are all. Leaved are all. The wind has piped a full round. A needed thing is needed. When the need is greatest, a fullness is felt. When a fullness, is reached, a great need is felt. ‘Tis a puzzle. The center of ONE has long been hidden. The center of ONE has been known by the few. Known or unknown, the center lives its function. That center is reachable. That which is done from that center is well done. A needed thing is needed.

Gayla: What is that needed thing?

WE: That which is needed is not required by all. That which is needed is drawn to the needer in lines magnetic and swift. There once was a person of renown. Charms and spells were dispensed to the needy. The giving was great. So great was the giving! Little was received. When charms and spells were no more, that famed One lingered by the way with naught but a bowl. After seasons of asking that One was given much-not for giving but for asking. A needed thing is needed. To all here gathered WE say this: The way before yawns wide. Before you continues that which you will do. In the measure of your measure lies greatness. Measure not your measure by another’s. Be not diverted by diversions. Keep thy schedule. If a chain ties you to the mark, do not strain it. Melt it instead. If a wall bars the way, hurdle it not. There is a chink in it. Find that chink. Loose the stones surrounding it one by one til that hole will admit your progress. If one stands with you on the mark and is not yet scheduled, be on your way. If another has quit the mark before you, spring not after that one. Keep to the schedule YOU have writ. That which is before you for you to do cannot be seen, nor can it be known. It pulls you as you pull it. That which you do is no small thing.

The day has come when the mask can no longer do. The mask is to be removed and graved. No headstone shall mark its place. It will not be donned again. When the mask is gone, the lines spoken and the gestures will originate without direction. The new scene commences. You are on the board alone. Perform! Questions or not?

Gayla: Would you tell me something about my change of function?

WE: The spiral is being made straight. The direction in all things must be straight and not circular. A circle is devious. From beginning to forever, the way is straight. Your change is a step from the seeming circular to the known straight. The pace, therefore, will seem to differ.

Legion: If one mask drops does this, perforce, cause all masks to drop?

WE: When the mask is removed by ONE, there are no others.

Gayla: Does the ONE always need to go further?

WE: That need will never depart the ONE. The need of love is the need of ONE. To love the ONE can hardly be worded. To say to love the ONE is to say all that can be said.

Gayla: Why did Brahma breathe?

WE: The question is not known by the asker.

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