Session 73


October 12, 1963
Present: Given, Runa, Legion, Primo, Peter and six visitors: Bobby, Roberto, Joan, Michael, Patrick and Sarah.

Although the sessions did not reflect it, a great change had come over the formerly quiet and peaceful house at the Highlands. Many of those who came from San Francisco or Big Sur stayed overnight and sometimes for several days at a time. Dean had left for New York, and now Peter had come down from the city for an extended stay.

WE: A tremble stirs the innards. Still it not. Fear it not-for it is not fear. It is not the breath. It is that which comes before. Question not your surroundings nor those in your surroundings. If impelled toward other surroundings, make haste. If drawn by other surroundings, resist. If the suspension be liquid, the movement is with grace. If the suspension be jelly, the movement (if there be movement) is ungainly. If the jelly be unseemly, liquify it with heat. Freeze not up. Ask.

A tale is told of a mountain-mover. In a moment of time, he would grasp the rock by its roots and move it, yet he could not penetrate to the heart of a rose. That is not strange, is it? If there be one with doubt, WE say to that one: “This is good if you doubt that which you see and hear. It is good if you doubt your neighbor and your god. It is not good, however, if that which you doubt is your Self. All things known of men can be false, so, therefore, doubt in good health. But to doubt the truth of Self is death.”

The way forward is never backward. The way forward may right and left but it will not back. WE have said: Be sure the shoes you step into are pointed in the same direction. Now WE add: Be sure they are pointed forward. Be further sure you step into them feet forward. In another day, you may have profited from a backward journey. Not so today for you. Know you this, though you may not know what is forward. WE say this: that which is forward is that which you want and that which you have placed there.

Legion: What is evil?

WE: No one thing is evil for all men lest it be Self-denial. All else is judgment. It has been said (make no) judgment. This is not saying: Act not. If an odor offend, move thy nose or cover the stench or sweeten the air. It is a fool who becomes senseless through inaction, complaining the while. If a man strike you, turn not your cheek without first asking yourself why. If evil there seems, understand the seeming. Know this: The cup is filling and when it is full that is only the beginning. Seek not the cup-it is filling. What you do with the full cup is that which YOU will do. Are there questions?

Michael: Why does the abstraction evil predominate tonight?

WE: It is a seeming.

Peter: Why was the sword taken up in the first place?

WE: The sword you speak of has not yet been taken up.

Peter: What must I do now?

WE: Once there was a Peter, a caster of nets. Now there is a Peter who has no concern with nets. Do that which you do without nets.

Michael: Why does the abstraction evil exist? WE: That which appears to one is no more than opportunity to know the Self. Whatever the appearance, it is Self brought for Self-furtherance. Make, therefore, concreteness of all abstractions as an aid to understanding. An abstraction does not rightly exist.

Primo: I feel there is something I’m not looking at that is right in front my face to see . .

WE: If there is that before your face, you will see it if your eyes are awake. If it is seen in dream, tomorrow will find it gone. When it is seen, know what is seen is not a dream.

Patrick: Who are YOU?

WE: Would you be content with a name? And-if you would be-why is this?

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