Session 72


October 5, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Gayla, Primo, Lorna, Christopher, Micaela and Tony.

WE: Who will breast the wave through the shoals? Who will take the sword and eat its fire? Who will take the asp and cradle it? He who does not shall have a long and fruitless life. That fear which jellies the limbs is rooted in the marrow. That courage which moves the limbs is centered not in the heart but in the brain. Check not the impulses that electrify action. The still one is soon webbed and mossed. It has been said: take no thought. Now it is said: Take not thought of another. It has been said: Be still. Now it is said: Be still no longer. If the world fell about your shoulders, wear it not as a shroud but as a mantle, as you rise to your responsibility. And what is that Selfhood which is your body and blood and god-head? And what of the time that has now come upon you? It comes with a lash and a snarl. It has come bidden. Stop not your ears, seek not the pretties, cover not your flesh. When the time has passed as it will-you shall hold the road and make a mighty roar heard from top to bottom. Hang on not with faith but with determination. The lamb shall be quartered; not so the lion. For you there is no backward way-only a forward way. Line not your nest with shreds of the past for your eggs shall be dropped along the way you go. The armature of Self is bronzed with your forward actions. The sculptor quickens. Giants are a-making. Questions?

Legion: When you say ONE, do you mean a group or all of humanity or what?

WE: How to say this? There is ONE yet you are the center of it moving through it, and another is the center of it moving through it and through you as well.

Legion: Is there such a thing as anti-gravitational fields, black magic, etc.? Groups working against each other? Various groups, even?

WE: It is pictured for you in the evening sky. Here is a star, there is a constellation. There is a Milky Way and a bright moon and a beyond all contained in one sky. This you can look at and understand much from it. Nothing orbits like anything else.

Legion: You have spoken of reversal, of ONE. I am confused. Who is the one who reverses? Is it literally me?

WE: One laggard delays the troop. Every combatant can say, if there is a victory, ” won the war,” or,”I lost the war,” if there is a defeat. WE are concerned only that each keep his rifle oiled and ready. The rifle bearer carries his weapon and concerns himself not with the man on his right or left-or the enemy. WE speak this to Legion: That which you do concerns many, yet the many concern you not.

Legion: There is still a confusion.

WE: Hold on, then. YOU are the center of YOU, nothing else. You are your responsibility, nothing else. You are your burden; none other burdens you. You are your treasure and reward and not for another. You are to come to yourself for you; there is no other. When this happens-and you have directed that it will come-then all is yours.

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