Session 71


September 27, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Primo, and four visitors from San Francisco: Satty, Carol, Bill, Jim.

The four newcomers were from North Beach and had never visited the Highlands before. One. Satty, was an artist and a friend of Michael and Pat, both Big Sur artists and leaders of the forthcoming “hippy” movement.

WE: A full sweep. The square is rounded. A child weeps. It has walked beyond its parents. It enters the field and is frighted. Still it weeps. The Sun is swallowed by the Winged One, and still the child weeps. In the darkness, how loud is his cry! It is not promised that he cease nor is it written that he continue. The night is filled with brays, yet it would not be night without brays. The day would not be day with-out night. The day song and the night song are the same melody without counter-point. If the blade enter the skull, light is admitted. Let him who has not been pierced await. His day shall dawn. WE speak not for all but for ONE. Who will ask?

Satty: How old will I live to be?

WE: Thy days are without number. Thy creating unending. That which you do is before you. The past has never been.

Jim: (An engineer). Damn it, I believe in what I see and know!

WE: Not so. You know YOU yet you think you do not. Believe not that which you see. Believe not that which you hear. Believe YOU alone. Seek not a Prophet-there are none-nor a seer, for there are none. There is only ONE and you are that ONE. Know this and no more.

Jim (furious). God damn it, I’m a bridge-builder, an architect, an engineer. I build real things.

WE: WE say to you that which you tear down is more important than what you build. Judge not. When the book is writ, who shall read it? It matters not. Let the writers do so and the readers likewise. Do you your business.

Bill: (A German). Will I stay in the United States?

WE: Thy comings and goings you have timetabled, for you read not another’s chart.

Carol: Why am I afraid to have a child? WE: WE say to this one this: The day of fruiting concerns not the planter. The harvest follows the seed in season. The law is not transgressed. To plant, to fruit, to harvest, matter not. Transgress not thy law.

Jim: What’s my function?

WE: WE speak not to the question other than to say there is ONE.

Jim: The dam has burst and all the people have come back!

WE: The keen observer sees all things.

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