Session 70


September 21, 1963
Present: Legion, Given, Runa, Primo, Jared, and three visitors from Big Sur: Michael, Judy, and Patrick.

WE: Here WE are. A firm grip is needed now.

Legion: What do you mean?

WE: When the wanted thing is in hand, a looseness of grasp is a foolish thing.

Legion: How does this apply to those of us here?

WE: The needed thing is in hand. The needed thing. Tighten the hold now. YOU.

Pat: Where is the faith, belief, etc.? What is pain?

WE: There is nothing but Self knowing Self.

Pat: What of those who do not believe this?

WE: It matters not. Not-knowing is knowing. Those who seek faith and belief and comfort seek a-miss, it has been said. Those who seek the Self function as that Self. While seeking, think not that you do not know the Self.

Pat: What is pain?

WE: The pain for Patrick is nothing. He hurts not nor will he. He is leading himself forward over the route he charted. He walks not among the rocks. He steps from one to another. He will quicken his pace in the road ahead when the rocks are behind. Then the route is smooth though it rise and fall.

Pat: How can I tell myself there is no pain when I know there is?

WE: Patrick knows not pain, nor will he.

Pat: But I insist.

WE: It is not so.

Judy: What is thinking and knowing? Is there a difference?

WE: It has been said that the mind is a snare. ‘Tis not so. Separate not thinking from knowing. It cannot be done. One can think he knows and know it not. However, one cannot know without thinking he knows. Knowing is a fullness, yet there is much to know.

(At this point John-Legion felt that Pat should sit at the board with Given and place his fingers on the silver dollar planchette. This was the first time anyone had sat at the board with Given except for John).

We cannot know imperfectly. We can know apart.

Michael: May I ask how I can contact the well of full energy in myself: WE: WE answer thusly: That may not be your way, and again it may be. If it is, you will; if it is not, you will not. And you will be the doer in either case.

Pat: Am I on the right road? Have I anything to say to myself?

(He left the board, and gave his place to John again).

WE: You are. If one says to you, you are not, that one knows not YOU. There is no Prophet, Patrick. There is no WayShower, Patrick.

Michael: What is the board’s need?

WE: Not so!

Michael: What is its purpose?

WE: When One speaks to One it needs not but to speak-and not that even.

Michael: On the level we ask this, the board does not exist.

Legion: Has Patrick a weapon?

WE: He has a shield and not a weapon.

Legion: What does the shield look like?

WE: He calls it pain.

Pat: I want a change.

WE: He fears what he wants to hear. He must out it.

Pat: I’m asking it to assume the right.

WE: Good. One day there was a man most fair and pure who lived among others far and pure. It came to pass that he journeyed to a foreign land where men were different. The fair one, seeing the difference, lived among them in hiding. There was loss to all.

Pat: According to that, I’m hidden from myself. Does he remain hidden?

WE: That tale has ended.

Pat: Now I need discipline. It’s a beautiful tale.

Legion: What are we waiting for-all of us?

WE: What stops you? YOU stop you.

Legion: What are we all waiting for?

WE: The dam is years in bursting, yet it bursts in a moment. You await the burst, forgetting that which has gone on. WE say to Legion this: follow your urging. If you would push, push.

Legion: What of the snow? My grapes need fruiting.

WE: The snow is no more. The bird is winging.

Pat: What am I afraid of?

WE: Thy goodness.

Pat: Do I need my shield?

WE: No.

Pat: Do I have to destroy it?

WE: Put it down and you are free of it. Hold it and it holds you.

Legion: (Silent question.)

WE: The tail wags the dog.

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