Session 69


September 13, 1963
Present: Legion, Given, Runa, Paris, Primo.

WE: The journey of the Self from tip to tip produces a seeming distance at times. Welcome, 0 distant ones! What would you this night:

Legion: What do you think of Pak Subuh? (Mahommed Subuh, the head of the Subud movement, who had recently been in San Francisco. John-Legion and Dean-Paris had just returned from a Subud conference there. Rhom-Given and Nadine-Runa had, by this time, dropped out of Subud.)

WE: He follows his course.

Paris: Would you comment on my trip to New York?

WE: You follow your course. May WE say this to Paris: Separate not East and West nor North and South. In all things, separate not. Divisions there will seem. Join not a division, for it is not. Fragments there be, but not apart fragments. Hither and yon sends the Self, gathering fragments of itself. Diligently follow that sending. That which ye do, you must do. In full stature does the Self send a dwarf. It has ever been so. That which is seen is the dwarf. That which is is in full stature. Few there be who see the full stature in the dwarf. No matter.

Paris: What about the name Anthony? (Bapak-Pak Subuh-had just given him a Subud name: Anthony. All persons in Subud who asked Bapak for a new name were given one, therefore name-changes were frequent and familiar in that group. Legion, who had previously been given the Subud name of Govinda, had just asked for and received a new name: Lionel).

WE: Much has been said about names. That which you are called is meaningful. You are called Anthony for private reasons. It becomes you; you do not become it. Do what you will with names. In them is the breath controlled-one nostril or the other or both. This is the Word inhaled and exhaled. Exercise as you will-for you know.

Legion: How are the snows weathering?

WE: Heavy lies the snow. The movement upon it leaves footprints in the soil. The snow is unmarked.

Legion: I feel uncomfortable being called Legion by most people. I have not grown into it yet. How does Lionel seem to you?

WE: In the nursery the child is called many endearments. Later he is called by his chosen name. The day finally arrives when he answers the question “What is your name?” by that name given him. Till that day, he does not know. It is not necessary to do the needed thing. This is done automatically by One.

Paris: Is there anything I could know in regard to the future that would make me happy?

WE: Take heart one and all. Though the lips curve downward, the joy muscles are supple.

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