Session 68


August 28, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Gayla, Primo, and a visitor from Mexico: Ybana.

WE: The day of labor approaches. (Referring to Labor Day, September 1). It shall be delivered of you-a new thing. Full grown shall it be. Mid-wifery is unnecessary for the connection shall remain.

We tell a tale of a Feathered One. Bird was he not nor man, yet he walked and flew much. In each hand he held two feathers and, when so moved, he laid them on the brow of those who found him. It came to pass one day, an arrival would not accept the placing of the feathers. Twice the arrival refused and stretched forth both hands. Whereupon the Feathered One bestowed the feathers to the arrival, who immediately departed, wonders to perform. Bring to US a bleeding heart and you bring nothing. Bring to US a crown and you bring a bauble. Bring to us YOU and you bring all. A mystery is to be solved. The puzzlement of control is thusly answered: It is as though you are unable to control that which you control. ‘Tis a deep saying, this: the control is a dual aspect. From one end you control not; yet YOU are at the other end, controlling that which you seem not to control. ‘Tis a deep mystery no more-and it is so. ‘Tis time for questions.

Gayla: Why, in the tale of the Feathered One, did the arrival come in the first place?

WE: He came to go on. He wanted not in part but all. He who wants all takes not less. A zephyr from the West shall pass to the East, caressing all in its flight. Where the cross-current is encountered, there shall a great stirring take place.

Ybana: Why did I come here?

WE: There is but one journey-that of Self fulfilling. ONE would say to this One: the course of your planning has been well done for you stored a survival kit en route.

Gayla: Is there more I should know about the Donner party? (She had recently been reading a book on it).

WE: Some of the Sun’s rays need to be filtered to those sensitive in certain areas. Not all rays received are beneficial.

Legion: From your knowledge, what is the liver? WE: The liver is the heart of man. Man lives in his liver. A malfunctioning liver bespeaks of a man who has died in part. There is that which can quicken the dead-and you know it.

Given: Many of us are very weary. What is this weariness?

WE: The snow lies heavy on the branch. ‘Tis a covering permitting new growth.. . if the branch break not.

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