Session 67


August 27, 1963
Present: Given, Runa, Legion, Paris, Gayla, Primo, Ruby, Lorna and five visitors: Bill, Jim and three others.

This was to be the last time the entire original group was gathered together, although many more sessions were yet to occur before the end. It was almost exactly a year after the work had started August 17, 1962. The people involved had come a long way since then, and yet none would claim to have “arrived” or to have become the Knower. Changes there had been- perfection not. And yet, as was indicated, something had occurred. The day referred to as “in that day” had, apparently, been met-at least insofar as the Carmel group was concerned.

WE: This night has not happened before nor will it again. The night of ONE is the noon of ONE. The noon has lengthened into shadows not of your casting. The heat of day has passed, consuming you not. Your flame will warm the night. You have met the day spoken of. Well done. The Victorious One stands erect. Speak. (After a silence, in which no one spoke, Lorna stood up and looked at the Book of the Victorious One). What is asked?

Lorna: Do I have a commission?

WE: WE say to Lorna this: High places and low shall know thy name. The weak and brave daunt you not. You have chosen, knowing the difficulty. Your commission is not to be a silent one, nor over-loud. Ask.

Lorna: Does my commission involve or concern others or myself?

WE: There is ONE involved.

Lorna: One in center or outside center?

WE: There is only ONE.

Lorna: May I have my weapon?

WE: Yes. Lorna has a number of 5, a fruit of cherry, a weapon that is a dagger.

Lorna: What does my name, Lorna, signify?

WE: WE cannot say. The precious gems given the Self are treasures indeed.

Legion: Do you mean that these names, fruit, weapons, numbers, etc. are the things you previously indicated were our treasures which were to be unburied-or recovered?

WE: Yes.

These gifts will gleam only with use. They cannot be mis-used, nor given to another. Wear them on your uniform as medals. The battle has left behind a corpse.

Legion: Is the silver horn shaped like a U? If it is not a ” musical toy,” as you said, what is the horn?

WE: A weapon is not a toy. The horn is straight, wider at the base than at the tip. WE will say this and no more: it is an apex. (Everyone was to wonder later if the “apex” referred to the Pyramid and its missing capstone, since John- Legion appeared to be connected with the Great Pyramid of Giza, or, at least, a symbolic pyramid). All implements are functioning. Number not the days ahead; they are numberless hop over to here. They are not do less, however. If an obstruction arises, fracture it. If an enemy appears, slay it. If a song is sung, listen. One thing more awaits. It rings with insistence.

Ruby: Does it concern me?

WE: Yes.

Ruby: Is it the banner?

WE: It is NOW.

Ruby: What is it?

WE: Stand naked in the world. Your banner can clothe you when yesterday’s garments are dropped to the ankles.

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