Session 66


August 25, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Primo and two visitors: Djey and Bill.

WE: Several things shall be done this night. That which shall be done is wanted. Question not the want. A sobbing is carried above the wind song. From a great depth it rises to a great depth. Shall the sob rend the vessel? Fill it? Submerge it? Or what? The song of sadness is to be quit now though it cause a tear or two in process.

Legion: Something has to be cleared for Djey.

WE: It is time for him to use what he needs. This he knows. He will speak it out now, if he will.

Djey: I have lost all my sense of identity. I don’t know.

WE: It is well that you have lost yourself to others for YOU are not there. To identify yourself with another being is to lose the Self. One must be cast adrift on the sea of not-knowing to find the Island of Self. You nave spent your season adrift. Now you are to be shored. If not, in season others shall lay claim to your island and you shall again cast yourself in the sea. The sea is bountiful but no fruit is gathered thereon.

Legion: How does one lay claim to one’s island?

WE: One walks through the wash and on to the sands. One plants his two feet. The sea is behind. One raises no banner nor buries a shaft. One stands firmly on this island of Self and says: “This I am, though the sea rise or the winds rage.” The one firmly rested shall be standing on his island. When nature abates, many are behind in darkness. No matter to the Awakened One. Many are beached at noon and are re-floated ’cause they sleep. The hour is not the thing and never was. You know what it is. There are those who, when the island approaches, tremble themselves into a stupor. This is not sleep. Their landing may be a crash one. They may land upon the beach head in sand. They are rooted in another way. But they are rooted. Heads up and tremble not.

Legion: What has the heart to do with landing on the beach?

WE: The heart is a vital organ. Give it its due. No more.

Legion: But doesn’t the awakened heart have to do with knowing one is landing? Are there other outer sign-posts?

WE: The island WE speak of-though it contains all manner of fruit and flower wafts no warning scent to the approaching drifter. Though all his senses are on watch, they avail him not. He lands or not as he wishes.

Q: What is the meaning of the numbers assigned to the members of the group? (e.g. Primo 1, Nadine-Runa 3, Rhom-Given 5, Rosalind- Gayla 4, John-Legion 7, and Dean-Paris 9.)

WE: A number is a principle of ONE. It cannot be understood apart from the totality of ONE. ONE has number. Its emanation goes forth without cease. Woe to him who uses not his number!

Legion: What of the fruit mentioned earlier? Is it fruiting along with the rest of us, or just planted?

WE: Flowering.

Legion: What fruit am I?

WE: Grapes.

Runa: And what is my fruit?

WE: Berry. Strawberry.

Q: And what of the others?

WE: Gayla apple, Given plum, Paris pear. (Was the latter a pun on “a pair is”? To Primo had already been assigned the lemon).

Legion: If names are commissions, weapons functions, numbers principles, what are the fruit symbolizing?

WE: That which sustains. That of ONE which is given to others.

In the discussion afterwards, it was remarked upon that grapes had often been mentioned in the sessions and that wine was contained in the cup or Grail of the Royal Maze. A pear was among the four objects seen at the foot of the Changer, and an apple was found in the Virgin Book, also at the feet of the Donor-just below the tip of her suspended sword. No other specific fruit had been mentioned, but the tree in the Unity Book was in fruit and flower simultaneously, and one of the two trees in the Garden of the Renewer bore ten fruit.

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