Session 65


August 21, 1963
Present: Legion, Given, Runa, Gayla, Primo, Christopher.

WE: On a swing through the heavens, one sees the stars.

Gayla: What is the relationship of 4, the foundation stone, to the actual material world? Does it represent and affect worldly problems?

WE: The foundation stone of ONE is the foundation of ONE. ONE is ONE: all is all. The foundation is not the summit, yet it precedes the summit. Remove the foundation and the summit is removed. From the summit, lines are drawn to the foundation. The foundation is not the base. It rests on the base. There are many summits, many foundations, but one base.

Legion: Is the base the material-chemical continuum?

WE: Yes.

Legion: Is the foundation stone composed of a certain continuum of the structure, in the sense of the emotional continuum, the mental, etc.?

WE: If it is said the base is material, it can be said the foundation is of material.

Runa: Could you say more of the base?

Gayla: What of worldly problems in relation to the base?

WE: If problems there be, it may be said of them that they are the grains composing the stone of the foundation. Take away the grains from the stone and the foundation is not and the summit is not realized. The bigger the foundation, the bigger the summit.

Legion: Why does one put seeming irresolvable problems in one’s path?

WE: Only that ONE knows.

Legion: When you say Gayla’s weapon is a stone, do you mean a foundation stone?

WE: A weapon is not a foundation stone. It is a tool.

Gayla: Our association with other people is a being thing. The beingness seems to bring about the changes, not our actions. Is this so?

WE: The effect one has on another should concern you not. However, be wary of the nebulousness of being.

Gayla: Please clarify.

WE: One is being. ONE does what ONE does. Nothing else matters when ONE does what ONE does. That is being.

Gayla: What, then, is the goal or the accomplishment of the Self?

WE: It is the Self which does. The Self cannot do other than that which it does.

Clarity will come with the acceptance of this: That which one does is done from inner prompting, which prompting comes not from afar-above, below-but within that ONE. Even that which passes the ear and eye comes from within.

Legion: If all this comes from within, what is love?

WE: Love is the need of ONE. WE would speak of contradiction. It is a seeming. If we say now, WE are WE, and now, WE are YOU, it is a seeming.

Legion: Man strives for perfection. Perhaps the Greeks were right, then, in believing perfecting form was the highest goal of realization?

WE: Perfection is the seed within the seed of all things seen and not seen. None can say “This is perfection.” It is forever borning.

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