Session 64


August 17, 1963
Present: Given, Legion, Runa, Primo, Gayla and Christopher.

WE: The circle turns. Measure not cycles like grains of rice. Quell not the raging beast, for now he nips at the heels of the poacher. Chased from his game, the poacher will sneak over the darkened hill with empty sack. This-the raging beast did. Chain not the raging beast. Give him his way, for the poacher will await another moonless night, possibly, to enter from the woods or the dunes. The raging beast, freed, will roam the territory entire. Thus will the poacher not succeed in his dark business. Goad not the beast. Feed him not overmuch. Let him rest, and, should he sleep, awake him. Make him not a lamb or surely the poacher will have his way with him. And, lastly, come to terms with the raging beast in your way.

Given: Will you comment on my plans for going to school?

WE: The time has come for the arrow to let loose from the bow. Its flight is to be straight and upward. The mark may be hidden. Think not on this. A cross current will not waver the flight of an arrow from a taut and readied bow. The flight of the arrow will sing its song above the wind. The flighted arrow is beyond grasping. Think not the bow is apart from the arrow or the mark. They are connected as all things.

Legion: I have a question. When is Given going to do what he has to do so that I can do what I must do?

WE: He waits as he must. He is not the initiator in this matter. He waits.

Gayla: Who is the initiator?

WE: There is an initiator who sees the season approach ‘mid pounding breast. If fears were founded, WE would name it that. ‘Tis well not to drop the hot potato, for surely it is a goodsome thing. This has to do with the Word-yes.

Runa: Who is the initiator Given is waiting for?

WE: Legion-who speaks not.

Runa: Who is Legion waiting for?

WE: Knowing is all WE can say.

Runa: What keys the knowing?

WE: The improbability of it all. Would the wise man send a youth to a man’s task? Probably not. You do it. Would the wise man ask a poor man for a farthing? Probably not. You do it. Think in general terms of these words. The time has come and has come again. WE cannot say when it should come again.

Primo: What is my connection with the speaking?

Given: What speaking?

Runa: The speaking of the Word?

WE: An after-witness.

Gayla: What is my connection with it?

WE: An after-witness.

Legion: I would like to speak it right now!

WE: It shall not be this night, WE think. Stir not your thoughts on it nor your mind, nor your heart.

During the evening, Runa had kept singing “The end, my friend, is written in the wind. It is written in the wind.” (From the Bob Dylan song “The answer, my friend, is blowing with the wind.”) It was as though she sensed an end in sight. Dean-Paris was away, and would soon depart for New York-the first of the group to leave. Everyone now expected John Legion to “speak the Word”- but if this meant outward speaking, he did it not. However, perhaps an “event” occurred without anyone noticing it or recognizing it as such.

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