Session 63


August 14, 1963
Present: Given, Runa, Legion, Paris, Primo, and two visitors: Diane and Michael.

WE: Discord there is none-only improper reception.

Legion: Due to what?

WE: That which is received is allowed to be reversed.

Runa: How is this corrected-if correction is needed?

WE: Not needed. There is nothing wrong with a wrinkled brow at times of seeming strife. Only thus is the season passed for some. The fair brow is not seen in these days. There are days ahead. Be not sunshine in the snow-storm; better to be the wind. When the snow has lain in the deeps for its season, chilling and softening, and the wind has had its way, the sun will emerge to a newborn spring. The snow will fall in a given area. All in that area shall know of its coming. Some will not know of its going. What is the question winging its way from beyond the hill?

Michael: What is the purpose of text? (He was referring to text and verbalization).

WE: It serves the Lord of Confusion and therefore functions necessarily. That which ye do, ye do well. That which ye don’t, you will. When the Great King’s tomb was unearthed, a living child was discovered. How could this be?

Paris: The answer is BE-cause.

WE: And yet worms are found in living fruit.

Michael: What if the tomb were never opened?

WE: The child would not be unearthed.

Legion: I wish we knew more about the tomb of Christian Rosenkrantz . .

WE: When the falling knife nears the head, look not to it but rather to the waiting basket.

Diane: Should I say what I think this means?

WE: Speak.

Diane: Not to look for good or evil or justice-but be as is.

Michael: Don’t look back-something may be gaining on you. Who is the wisest of men?

WE: He who aspires to be the wisest is the greatest fool.

Michael: Who is the greatest fool?

WE: He who KNOWS is often so named.

Michael: How does a humble man use his hands?

WE: The humble man is not known of other men.

Michael: Why not?

WE: Humility is a seeming.

Michael: What is the worst error?

WE: There are not error-only opportunities.

Legion: The Thinker’s significance is error.

WE: Yes.

Michael: Opportunity to and for what?

WE: To know that which you know.

Michael: What is my number?

WE: 8. Black.

Michael: Is black a color?

WE: In your sense it is-for it is a weapon.

Michael: For me black means void.

WE: Not so. It is a force.

Michael: Has it something to do with evil?

WE: Evil has to do with judgment. Evil is a seeming.

Runa: Please speak more on the unearthed King’s tomb.

WE: A King’s reign is temporary. The Child is eternal.

Runa: Is there more to the story?

WE: It is to be uncovered.

Legion: Does it concern Peter?

WE: Yes. It concerns all rulers.

Runa: Does the Child come or go?

WE: He is. The King wears the crown. The Child holds the sceptre.

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